HELP!! Annual Camp v. NQT teacher in first job

Professional Dilemma of the highest order. :?

Having been in the TA for eight glorious years, most of that as a student (tried avoiding real work for as long as possible!) or as a temp, which has meant **** - I mean 'annual' - camps have never been a problem.

However, am now gonna be a teacher in September and don't know what to do about annual camp - especially as unit have moved traditional 'summer' camp to autumn :evil:

For those of you who are teachers and TA sod-yers, how do you deal with camp? As it's going to be my NQT year, and first year in teaching post, don't think I can push my luck and ask for a couple of weeks off in first term. 8O

And, as luck would have it, the Army believe in having the summer off too, so I can't even go on a course over the summer hols...

:( :( :( NEED ADVICE!!! PRETTY PLEASE!!! :!: :!: :!: :idea:


Can't you ask for a course? Even non-inf types have courses don't they?

Or perhaps a reduced commitment for this year? You might be able to fulfill it with the regs or something. Can't your PSI/PSAO help? They will be your best bet.
The simplest answer would be a course. Preferably contigous with a half-term holiday?

As long as you get it in before April 06
Be aware unpaid leave which is now the norm for TA camps in education will be taken of your pensionable service!
Will now need to do a couple of extra terms when old and grey!! :(
ACRV-M1974-2A said:
Be aware unpaid leave which is now the norm for TA camps in education will be taken of your pensionable service!
Will now need to do a couple of extra terms when old and grey!! :(
This is true, but you are in a position to 'buy back' extra years of pensionable service (out of your bounty(?) - which is going to look huge if you've been OTC-ing as a student). The other option is to add to your teacher's contribution to the tune of say half your average monthly TA income, the up shot of an extra hundred quid a month going into your pension pot is reasonably healthy.

The reduced camp option is a fair one. It is also worth considering the fact that the 14 'in camp days' no longer have to be continuous, so two one week holidays would serve.

Any number of other options occur PM me if you're interested...
Feeling old and grey already!!! :lol:

Think I might be okay for 05/06 as could wangle a course before summer, just thinking long term (bounty needed to pay off student debts!! :roll: ).

Typical of unit to do a good camp (after many years of attending poo ones) when I can't go... just a coincidence, surely?... 8O :wink:

Thanks for the advice... shall bombard PSAO / PSI with questions this week :D I'm sure they'll love it!

Family -> Job -> TA

Apply for a reduced camp.

I too am a chav-trainer ---- sorry teacher.

As an employee of a local authority (unless you are going private-to educate the offspring of Brigadiers!) you will have an entitlement to time off for annual camp - all local authorities must have this as part of their employment policy and it applies to teachers.

Some authorities have a "buy-back" policy, which requires you to pay a proportion of your salary back to them on reciept of your TA wage - never before as that is not allowed.

Go work in an inner city school. Appart from the entertaining chavlife they are so glad you work there that they will pay your salary when you are at camp. Bonzer!!!!!!

I am asuming you are in englandcestershire, but the rules should be the same as here in jockland. feel free to pm if i can help.
During my time doing chav controller I did reduced camps. You can think about aiming for holidays, but I always had to work over half term etc. to catch up.
They are the enemy.... Much will depend on the attitude of the Headteacher, whether he/she is in favour or not. Mine is an ex-PARA officer who is more than supportive - no problem at all about a week off school for summer camp in term time, and no problem at all about time off to go on courses. It is true though, that as a CCF officer there is something in it for the school. Some Headteachers are very different - I have worked for one or two who were right horrors (one even had his career come to a sticky end). It would be a good idea to talk to other teachers when attending a job interview, to find out just what the Head is like. Remember that while the Head is interviewing you to decide if the school wants to employ you, you should also be interviewing them to find out whether or not you really want to work there. There are plenty of jobs out there and far too few good candidates so you can afford to pick and choose. Good luck with your new career... ...forgive me for smiling, but I don't have long to go to retirement.
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