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Right guys first post and needing some info! I first went to my careers office in march this year as i'd decided to fulfill lifelong ambition of joining up (31 btw) not going into why haven't done it sooner so please don't ask. Started the selection process for RLC driver reason i have all my licences and enjoy driving. When i told them i was in TA they explained how it could take much longer to get in than normal so asked if i would be willing to discharge myself to help things along. No problem or so i thought did a self discharge at my barracks got all paperwork done dusted and started my quicker entrance process was told should be in for September. Everything was going swimmingly went to adsc Lichfield 6th of July passed everything with flying colours apparently. Came to end of Interview discussing job choices etc. and the capt (can't remember his name) asked where i'd gained my experience/knowledge that i'd displayed over selection. I told him of my TA involvement and bang everything turns to *shite*! No mention in my docs of any TA need to get my recruiters to sort out forms from Glasgow to confirm i wasn't kicked out etc. So the capt informs me he was about to hand me my certificate but this is a majour screwup and needs putting right before they can pass myon for p1 selection.

Straight away i get on the phone to my recruiter once home and he admits it's their mistake. Asks if i can get a letter from my TA Barracks to save time so i go and ask but also mention the form that the capt said i needed. To cut a long story short i've jumped through hoops got them everything i needed to and now am getting the mushroom treatment. Ring them every week and so far have been told all paperwork was back from Glasgow and now back at adsc and i'd hear something in next few days then last week was told that was wrong and not got a response from Glasgow. Still hadn't heard anything so rang again today and have been told still had no reply and the paperwork can take upto 6 months to comeback WTF? Normally i would be very patient but 1. i'm 32 in a month and a half and so can't afford to wait and 2. it's their fubar so why are they not doing more to resolve it?

Right 2. final questions

1. What/Who can i speak to to get a definate answer on whether i'll be getting in.
2. Any general advise as to whether this is resolvable or whether i should just go back to getting on with civvy life and forget my dream.

Any help will be greatly recieved if you don't want to post public feel free to pm me or ask for e-mail addy

cheers LoOn
Contact Fivetodo mate. You won't find any miracle on here but he's a Senior Recruiter at his AFCO, private message him for some advice. Best of luck mate.
Wow that sounds like a horrible situation. Have you thought about going to see whoever has the stuff you need in person? Maybe you could explain to them that you don't have long, and they will put you to the top of the pile. Don't give up, you have a month and a half to do everything humanly possible to fix it!
No need to pm, i can answer this here and now.

Your recruiter is a cock! :D :D

First, not only is your recruiter supposed to inform you to remain in the TA (in case you do not make it into the Regular Army), but he is also supposed to ensure that your electronic record has your current service details on it, at least that way everyone who deals with your application can see immediately that you have already been enlisted at some point.

Second, The ADSO is talking crap, just because there is no mention that you have already served or are still serving with the TA, that does not justify not passing you at ADSC, to start with the fact that you have prior experience has sod all to do with it, you are being tested on your performance and suitability ;)

The ADSO could (as the ones at Pirbright certainly do) have just rung the recruiter to discuss it with him, and cleared it up there and then, he could have also just passed you but placed a deferral on the record that got lifted once he was happy that the ACIO had investigated it.

Third, The application process for someone joining from the TA is no different and takes no longer than it does for Tom, Dick or Harry walking in off the street. The only difference is that when you complete your medical forms, we have to send your TA med docs with it to ADSC, again a simple phone call sorts that.

Four, I have no idea what you are being told here with regards to Glasgow, they shouldnt have anything to do with it apart from supplying your discharge certificate and also your med docs, that doesnt normally take them long at all.

Five, There are no jobs for RLC Driver until at least April at the earliest and this has been the case for at least the last 3 weeks, there are none programmed in either as that particular trade is over subscribed.

Six, The cut off for joining the Regular Army is 32 yrs and 11 months, that just means you must have enlisted before your 33rd birthday (evne the day before is acceptable).

Now on the nitty gritty side of it, the only real course of action is to ask to speak to the Office Manager i suppose, lets face facts if your recruiter is talking bollocks you are not going to get any answers there and it is possible that the recruiter is only going by what they know too.

However there isnt actually an appeal system in place as such, and short of pestering the office (which tends to get their back up anyway), there are very few options open to you.

Also you need to take into account that every office is struggling to get people into jobs now, there are really that few left, so the chances are they will be dealing with straight forward cases and will deem themselves too busy to be messing around with anything that requires any level of chasing around ;)
Thanks that's a lot of info to work through the only point i would need to clear up there is during my interview just before the defferal, the capt showed me available dates and they had Oct 18th this year. He was giving no firm guarentees i'd get that date but was just giving me a rough idea of availability, ties in with the other two lads who had same job choice on my adsc. Both have their dates for November. Yes it is a defferal i was given but that doesn't help it is the office manager i spoke to today which is why i've come on here just to see if i have options. TBF i wish i'd just gone infantry as even though the defferal would have happened at least i won't be waiting for ever once it's lifted :(

This is similar to what has happened to me, I have been waiting months for my 203 to be returned from Glasgow to say I can join, a bit of a mess up by my previous careers office which has been very frustrating. Apparently due to the amount of people re-joining it can take 3-6 months to hear back.

If anyone knows any better please let me know

Haha after thinkin it was all sorted for March 22nd start date i popped in to the careers office yesterday. I was wanting to ask a few questions on training and just check my dates and ask about confirmation letters. Below i will post a brief bit on how the convo went with names deleted;

Me "hey sarge"
Sergeant*1 "hey (my name) how's things?"
Sergeant*2 "I was just talking bout you yesterday with sergeant*3"
Me "lol hope it was all good (looking puzzled)"
*2 "we were saying it was weird we'd not had your dates still"
*1 "No we have had (my name) dates"
*2 "Not as of yesterday"
*1 "check again we have"
*2 "hold on i'll look (farts around on p.c.) Oh yeah we have February 19th that's good isn't it?"
Me "(puzzled) Oh right thought it was March you said on phone"
*1 "It is watch out *2 (changes places in front of said pc and starts tapping away) No it's not Feb it's here 1st of March that's your date!"
Me "(now very confused) ok so it's been brought forward it was the 20something before"
*1 "I must've just told you wrong when i rang you but good news earlier than you thought hey?"
Me "Yeah (feigning belief) So when will i get my offer letter and get sworn in etc?"
*2 (very sharply) Not till bout a month before you go"
Me "Oh right i'll just keep training then see ya"
*1 "See ya (my name)!" ;

I then left feeling pretty worried and confused so what now do i just trust them bearing in mind the farce it's been or is there a way i can check by speaking to someone else etc?

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggh How hard can it be

Or is it just me and this is pretty much every one's experience?
Was given my date and recieved a letter saying that my date was Feb 7th...This was in June...I asked about the oath and they said around a week before you go! So no panic!
Mine was off the Careers Office...and around a month ago I recieved a confirmation letter from the Army...But if they have given a date im sure its fine!
I got told on the phone a month or so after ADSC that ill be starting on 21st feb 2010, no confirmation letter as yet but i have to phone once a month to confirm i still want the place :D
Punk_trooper said:
I got told on the phone a month or so after ADSC that ill be starting on 21st feb 2010, no confirmation letter as yet but i have to phone once a month to confirm i still want the place :D
yeah i got told to wait to april.. i take it that your going rifles arnt there any place soon?
yeah im going rifles and when i took ADSC it had no openings til january so im happy to have got February :D

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