Help and Advise for my Young Un

Long story short, my young un completed basic and went to phase 2, collapsed on morning parade and got bollocking (dehydration) anyway next day felt like she was running through treacle, ended up in A&E turns out she has developed Heart problems which they said was bradycardia. She has since had a tilt test and its more her blood pressure landing in her boots. (vagovasal syncope i.e faints) She's been told she'll be getting a Admin discharge on med grounds, obviously she's gutted but accepts she's not fit to be a soldier.

Now she's been thinking of the next path her life can take (once she's back on her feet) and she'd like to work alongside the Army in welfare, mainly with in her words 'broken soldiers'. This is where I hope some of you lads will be able to come in with advise and maybe links to how she can go about this and maybe get career No2 off the ground.


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She could become a RMN, Psychiatric Nurse, and then look for jobs at DCMH or charity sector such as combat stress.
If she doesnt feel the need to do a nurseing then maybe psychology, current treatment options are CBT, EMDR,.
Also look at physio course, then look at recovery units.
There is a bit about, but it depends what her bag is, where she lives, what age she is, wether she is capable of doing degree etc. Dont forget there is charity work which is valuable, so sh ecan get a "normal" job and do some stuff for third sector, like supporting the legion or inquiring after welfare etc.
It is not an easy sector to get into, partly becaue its so fragmented, partly due to massive variations country wide, and partly due to funding.
Mind have just won a big lottery funding to provide counsellors in south essex for example, so things are changing

BBC News - Southend Mind project given Big Lottery Fund grant
She could do worse than starting by volunteering to help one of the many established charities doing military welfare type things.

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