Help and advice please guys and girls :)

I posted a while back with queries joining the TA, anyway, I started to go ahead with that then had some upheaval in my life, things all changed very quickly and now I dont want to be in the TA anymore, I want to be in the regs and far far away from this place :lol:
The only form the TA currently has for me is my medical questionnaire, I handed it back to my doctors about a week ago.
So is it going to be ALOT of hassle for all my stuff from the TA into the regular recruitment process?
I went to join in the regs a couple of years ago but then withdrew my application due to family stuff that was going on at the time.
Also, I want to go in as a vet tech but i've got a couple of friends who are in and they told me to choose something else as they don't recruit for these anymore?
Anyone got any more info on this, is it correct?
Cheers in advance I hope I havnt bored you all too much :p

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