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i'm not sure if i have posted in the right thread, i apologise if i haven't but i'm after some advice. i'm a 17 year old female and i dream of being in the army, as a dog handler. i know that you have to score 50 on the barb, i've taken the barb test twice. first time i got 49 and the second i got 46. basically my question is what shall i do? i've been told if i take the test again and get a worse score then i have to wait a year. a dog handler is the only job i want to do to, if i can't do that then i won't do anything else. should i just pack in the army altogether?
The Barb test is just like any other aptitude test, so all you have to do is get your brain in gear. Try playing on games like Brain Training on the DS. The Barb test isn't the only hurdle you have to get passed so even if you have to wait another year don't give up on what you want to do. Take the time to get some experience with looking after and training dogs. Speak to Dog units and try and do some work experience.
Without sounding rude. If the only reason you are joining the army is to be a dog handler, maybe you should re-consider already? The army isn't just about your chosen job. It's a completely different lifestyle to being a civilian. (I'm speaking from what I've been told rather than experienced.).

For example. I'm joining the army because I want to be a soldier and have the life that comes with it all. So even though I'm going to become a Carpenter with the Royal Engineers. I see that as only a bonus rather than a sole reason for signing up.

I don't say this to condescend, just to make sure you are thinking about every aspect of what joining the army means.
Practice: Practice: Practice
This site Recruitment tests - British Army Website has sample BARB tests. Keep doing them until you can do them in your sleep (well, almost). The tests you get won't be the same but at least you will have experience doing them which must be worth at least 5 points in itself. And, as you're almost there, that should do it.
If all you want to do is Dog Handling then retake it again you haven't lost anything but then you wont be able to take until a year from your first BARB as can only do 3 in a year period. All you can do is practice daily between the booklet and the online practice BARB. Your Recruiter should of made you aware what sections you need to improve on (its normally on speed where you can get better as you need to be answering around 5-6 seconds every question)

Just beware though that once you have gone past the whole process and hopefully come away with an A or B at ADSC the Dog Handling Selection board is tough.........realistically if you haven't had lots of previous training of dogs and taking care of guard dogs etc with good training ideas then it would be unlikely you would could have around 50-100 applicants chasing only a few vacancies so they will select the best candidates.

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