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help and advice needed. Son attacked off barracks BFG


I received a phone call late last night from my ex who explained that our 11 year old son had been attacked and beaten up by a group of older teenagers on monday night. My son lives in Germany with his mum and her husband who is serving in Afghanistan at the moment.

My son came home on Monday night complaining of a headache but did not tell his mum what happened. Last night he was in agony with stomach pains and my ex took him to the local BMH. He was checked out and given the OK. She had also been told that the 3-4 14/15/16 year olds had beaten our son up because he was wearing a rival team's football strip, alledgedly they then went and broke into the local football team's club house.

I have tried to be helpful and supportive as I know she is having a hard time whilst her husband is in Afghanistan and do not want to cause problems for either of them.

I told her to report it to the German police as it had happened off MOD property but she said she had to report it to the RMP's first but was not confident of them taking it further. Apparently the teenagers' school want to get involved with this issue, which I find strange as it occured after school hours and off MOD property.

I want these lads held to account for their actions. Ganging up on younger kids is bad enough but also kicking them in the head and stomach could be fatal.

Any suggestions for a resolution would be gratefully recieved. PMs acceptd.
She should def take it to the German police.
If she doesn't speak German I'm sure one of them will be able to speak English, being so close to a UK base, etc.

Edit: Were the attackers German kids?
First step is pursue it with the RMP, if there's no joy from the RMP (and let them know it) then take the matter to the GCP. The RMP will not want them involved and will pull out all the stops. You don't say if the other kids were Germans or Brits. If German then go straight to both the RMP and GCP.
Why involve Monkeys in something that happened off camp, the German Police will probably speak better English, and not forget what the question was after you stop talking.
Apparently the teenagers' school want to get involved with this issue, which I find strange as it occured after school hours and off MOD property.
I remember both Pads schools and German schools getting involved in out of hours shenanigans of kids. Neither wanted trouble making little fuckwits attending in their classes. Most parents supported their view.
Thank you for prompt replies.
Smudge: LOL. He tried Ju Jitsu and hated it! If it ain't something to do with football he ain't interested.
Crash test, 13thBrits, Brit military children. The kids involved are at the local senior school, my son is in middle school.

Thanks for the advice. I will ask/request my ex to go down the RMP route first and if no joy try the German police.

How would a phone call from me be received by the RMPs? Would they politely tell me to go forth and multiply or would they listen to me? Are they able to discuss things like this with a civilian?
K59, You shouldnt get involved but should advise her to report it ASAP to RMP. Also to her Welfare Officer as, being the children of other mil families there are other routes to have them dealt with.

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