Help and Advice Needed-File Recovery.

I'm trying to recover some photo's from a mate's hard drive, after his pc crashed but am running into brick walls, and out of ideas. When I tried to start the machine it was stuck in a loop of restarting itself, so I put my XP disc in and tried FIXMBR at the repair console, which went well but still no luck as I got a message stating that the drive was inaccesible. Then I put in another HDD with a fresh install of XP and tried to get in that way, same message. Installed ERD Commander and Partition Magic on the second drive, ERD gets the same message, and PM says that of the 2 partitions on the first drive (5 and 195 gig) 5 is NTFS 1 and 195 is NTFS 5(?) My mate says that he was getting low memory (virtual??) warnings before it crashed. Are there any easy ways to retrieve the photo's, or any software that can convert the large partition into a readable format. I asked one of the IT lads at work this afternoon and he said the drive was FUBAR or would cost a boatload to get the info off it, but I'm hoping that someone on here may have an idea what to try, other than put a hammer to it, cheers.
OK, first of all, don't do anything to the disk. Often accumulating disk problems are an early indicator of an upcoming failure.
Secondly go to and download thier free file recovery util and use that with the drive plugged into your machine.
If you manage to get files off it (and you should be able to get a fair few) ensure you wipe the disk correctly including the partition tables (MBR) before formatting and reinstalling. But tell your mate to keep an eye on the drive as it may be on the way out.
I have a recovery programme called Power Data Recovery, for me it has been a godsend. I have been able to recover files AFTER a HDD failure and format. The programme is less that 2mb, if you need it give me a shout.

Many thanks to Jim and Speedy, got the mentioned programmes onto the second HDD and also another one from the Power Data Recovery site called Photo Recovery Genius, power data couldn't see the knackered drive but this one could, job sorted, Robert is indeed my mother's brother! Many thanks again for the advice, cheers lads.

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