help and advice needed as i enter my last two

hi all
i have been a long time lurker on this site and now find myself in need of some much needed advice.

i will be entering my last two years 28th jan and will start my resettlement from that date. naturally i have been doing research and planning what i would like to do. i am clear what i want to do and how i want to achieve this and just need to implement my plan.

however i was told today that i am going to BATUS on temp staff a job that i have done before and something that i did enjoy. doing it next year would massively impact on what
i see as my future once out of the army.

naturally i have approached my chain of command to express my concerns to which i got no sympathy something i was expecting and i do understand their argument of the need of the army comes first. however this will totally make my resettlement unachievible.

my big question is there anything i can about this or do i have to except it. my regiment are unwilling to do a penalty statement.

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