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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ExMetPlod, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. Hi all

    I am in need of advice. I have been told to lose 4 stone by my GP. I currently weigh in at 16 stone. Normally I would pull on my training shoes and hit the road, but the problem is I am disabled now, so running and swimming is out. I have tried dieting but it is slow work, I am 55 now and with the metabolisim of a sloth. I have lost a stone already ( sponsered for lots of dosh a pound for Help for Heroes ) but it has really slowed down. Any suggestions ?
  2. TBH, you would need to provide more detail on what kind of training you CAN do, and what facilities you have available.
  3. I have access to a gym, can row for short time but my legs are knackered. Weights are ok walk with a stick, not too far
  4. ExMetPlod: Not much going for you really is there buddy? If it's not life threatening, take up dominoes or origami.
  5. I know I am bu*ggered but the spirit is strong. The way I look at it, I can roll over and give up or carry on fighting
  6. If your gym has a Instructor - and it bloody well should - then he/she is the best person to ask. They can draw up a training program and take you through it.

    I can only offer general advice:

    1) Weight training, even if restricted to the Upper Body can boost one's metabolism. I would recommend mid(9 - 12)to high(15 and up)Reps.

    Mid-level Reps will cause muscular Hypertrophy, which is a fancy way of saying they will bulk you up. And extra muscle will speed up your metabolism and burn fat.

    High reps can also be used to burn fat.

    2) Rowing is good. If you can only do it for short periods, try Rowing at a fast pace and include Rowing every time you go to the gym.

    3) Try to eat a balanced diet, and if possible don't eat Carbs after, 1900 hours; eating Carbs late at night slows down you metabolism.

    Best of luck! :)
  7. You want to do any excercise which raises your heart rate. If you cant walk or run then start doing some dumbell excercises which focus more on lots of quick reps of small weight.

    You might also want to consider speaking to a local physio who should be able to advise you on training around your specific injury.
  8. Simple answer;
    Burn more calories than you take on board.
  9. lazy plod ..... stay off the pies
  10. Cheers guys
    for all your advice, I will keep you posted. I am f*cked if I am taking up dominos yet
  11. Dominos pizza more like
  12. God, I started reading this thread and thought I was reading about myself!! :) . Just this afternoon I went to the local gym and enrolled with the missus, thought it was about time get rid of the spare tyre but she came home with me!! No, seriously I splashed out a bit of my pension and am in for a years supply of dolly watching. Hope to look a bit better in months to come :) .

  13. Thermobol from maximuscle boosts your metabolism, a months supply is about £35, you dont really want to take it longer than that anyway as a month should do it!

    Combined with what is mentioned before, eating less than you burn and at least some exercise, even if that is walking/swimming, will fire your metabolism into another dimension.

    The bad news is:

    If you have a dodgy ticker, forget it!

    As your metabolic rate will be firing on all cylinders, dont expect a solid 8hrs sleep, more like 4hrs.

    Curious to know why he has asked you to lose that much weight, how tall are you? Depending on your frame and height, say 6' and 44" chest, then 16 is not that much over weight.

    Good luck
  14. W@nking?! :D

    Seriously though, apart from what has already been said, I would suggest swimming, and low to medium weight high rep exercises. Also, if you can, we have a guy with MS at our gym who has a seriously vicious workout with a punchbag and pads/ mitts with a gym instructor to help him. He's a great guy, can't stand without sticks and then only for a few feet but by god he gives those pads hell! :D
  15. Nit picking, but if you are able to dolly watch, then that is not a gym :D :D