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Is it true that there is an official document somewhere saying that rent for married quarters will be brought into line with commercial rates by 2006?

Now where did I put that letter from the nice Colonel in Glasgow?

I doubt it. The results of such a move would be huge. People wont want to rent from the MOD at market rates, they will either buy or move into the houses they already own.

The result of an increase to commercial rates for my area would mean an increase in rent of over 400 quid. Dont know about the rest of the readership, but i dont have that sort of spare cash. I also couldnt afford to buy and then get moved every 2-3 years leaving my family in my own house and living in a mess somewhere. For a start i didnt marry and have kids to be permenantly separated from them.

I imagine Annington homes would be rubbing their hands together. Most of the quarters they bought and rented back to the MOD have trebbled in value. Imagine the profits to be had from selling off all those surplus quarters.

It may well mean that singlies have to pay commercial rates primroseand blue, but do you know anyone who would want to pay commercial rates for a room not big enough to swing a cat, a place you cant bring your other half back to for dinner and a bevvy or even a bit of the other, a place you have to share toilets,bathrooms and showers. Never mind the fact most single accommodation doesn't have independant cooking facilities because of 'Health and safety' reasons.

The list is endless matey.......shall I go on ???
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