Help.... again...!

My internet went off at home on Saturday, I noticed straight away that there were no lights on my wifi thingy, I checked the power source and all was live, however I am still unable to turn it on, the model is Siemans gigaset SE 587 wlan dsl, anyone know what may be wrong with it?



#2've checked the plug with another appliance, and it's ok?

Therefore it's something wrong with the hardware. Does it smell burnt out?

No lights at all? Nothing when you try and turn the power on? Could be your transformer, or the unit itself. Buy another one.
Checked all that, even had a sniff, i thought i could smell somert but the wife couldnt, no lights, no nothin, tried the reset button, nowt.
Sounds like you need to replace it.

talk talk protect their users' personal information, none of the other big ones do that. sky are ok especially if you want telly as well, though you really need to get the unlimited option. BT do a nice home hub thing. best advice really is switch between them every year to keep getting the best deals, sky's tend to be in the run up to christmas.

edited to add: yup, your router's broken, get them to send you a new one.
well when ACS:Law went to court to get an order to force isps to reveal users' names and adresses from their I.P., harvested from a foreign company's bittorrent scraping (this company is banned from operating in their own country but we dont have the same laws here), talk talk made it clear they would go to court and argue against it. the other companies said 'yeah whatever, dont care'. so ACS:Law didnt bother asking the judge for talk talk's customers.
then armed with a list of names and adresses from the other major isp's, they sent out a hundred thousand threatening letters to people like my mother, saying 'send us a cheque for £600 or we'll take you to court'. theyve made a couple million from cheques and never actually taken anyone to court at all.

so that's one point in talk talk's favour

more here for those interested: ACS:Law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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