Help again !! Medal Ribbons NO 2's

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by bodyarmour, Aug 26, 2004.

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  1. Should have asked yesterday.How and in what order do i place the following medal ribbons on my NO 2'S.

    NI (89)
    2.Gulf (90-91)
    3. UN Bos (93,95)
    4. Nato BOS(98-99)
    5. Nato Kos (2000)
    6. Queen Jubilee
    7. OSM Afghanistan (2001-2002)
    8. Gulf 2 (Telic)
    9. LSGC.

    I Can fit 5 across my chest, but which ribbons are in the upper row, is it 5 on top then 4 on the lower row or the other way around?
    Secondly i believe all 9 Medals stay in one row but overlap is this correct ?

    Thanks once again
  2. Same order as for Mess Miniatures in last post.

    No2 Ribbons in 2 rows 4 on top and 5 below in same order.

    Medals are overlaped as stated.
  3. Take 'em to your garrison tailor mate, that way theres no come back on you!
  4. Ah, but does the garrison tailor "cum on ya back" Eddy?
  5. Only if you have it in writing from your QM and its been stamped and counter signed by Ron ex Publican from the North Camp!
  6. If the Garrison Tailer (that is if you have one) knows the dates then he will put them in the correct order. If given a bag of medals with no dates then even he is fecked! as there is no set order for Campaign Medals, You wear them in the order you get them.....

    Mounting of Ribbons & Overlapping of Medals is best left to him or local tailer who specialises in medals
  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    5 in a single row looks odd - most tailors will stop at 4 as that is normally the width of the top pocket of the jacket. I have seen 8 put up as 1 (top),3,4 or 4,4 (depending on the cut of your jacket the lapel can start to overlay the second row hence the 1,3,4 version. I reckon with 9 you can go for 3 rows as 2,3,4
  8. Don't know wether he was cuming or going! Either way you said it was better if you push back! :wink: