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Hi guys,

Been reading through this forum but havent been able to find an answer to what I am looking for.

I served in the RAF (yes I know, silly me) from the ages of 18-22 all of my time on TCW.

I am now 26 (27 in July) and have been out of the military for over four years.

I would like to join the Army and go for 216 sigs or something where I can do the jumps course or commando course.

Am I too old?
your not too old at all, like the dude said, yu got till your 33, i have a mate who's 32 and has jus started basic last month. so i would suggest, if you really wanna join the army, get the ball rolling. have you looked at officer selection, it might interest you as well. jus so you kn, you have a lot of options opened to you, i kn the RAF is nothing like the army but you do have the experience non the less, so you're good to go...


To do the parachute course in the marines I believe you need to be selected for SFSG - certainly the booties on my para course were all SFSG.
As a Royal I think for jumps course you have to be serving in the Brigade Recce Force or SFSG.

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