help/advice on legal matter

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by manc2243, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. hint taken
  2. Are you a kingo?

    Poor effort by the way.
  3. Great help and advice thanks...and no i am not a kingo
  4. There are legal firms who specialise in Military discipline matters, perhaps they could be more use than the internet?
  5. Was sort of hoping there was someone on here who was from legal who could help but yes i am in contact with a legal firm, but obviously their own interest is seeing it go to court martial for the money, and obviously thats not mine
  6. Anyway, did you actually nick the fuel?
  7. You'd risk your job, pension and house? You're a bit foolish I'd say.
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  8. I think you did it. Otherwise you would have stated that you didn't in your first post. Fuel is very expensive and many will sympathise with your motives. I do not. You are a senior. You are payed more than the juniors. You are supposed to set an example to them. Thieving is thieving in whatever form.

    If you did not do it then please accept my apologies as I am not a legal expert and can not offer advice.

    If I am right then I wouldn't give you advice even if I was an expert. I hate theives.
  9. But did you nick the fuel?????? Strewth, answer the question man. You seem to have accepted everything they threw at you and now you're moaning about a lack of contact. If you did nick the fuel then standby for the consequences, if you didn't, get amongst them involved and find out what the feck is going on.
  10. It's a shame you can't.

    To the OP, get a brief. You should have been offered one anyway.
  11. Get better lawyers.
  12. Seems like you are a twat who did fill his wagon up and got pinged....numpty...
  13. Politicians get away with it...........
  14. I've never heard of a politician filling up his car with army fuel.
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  15. Assuming this is not a wah, I just stumbled across this thread. The OP needs to do himself a massive favour and shut his trap, walk away from here and get proper legal advice and representation. I don't particularly care whether he did it or not but a conviction for theft will affect his employment prospects for the rest of his working life and of course, those prospects will impinge on what you get in retirement.

    For Christ sake mate, or actually for your sake, go and get a proper brief and sort your shit out with them, not a public forum on the Internet.
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