Help/advice on applying for redundancy needed

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by Firetiger, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. Good morning all. Can someone advice me on the procedure of applying for redundancy. I'm in an E2 post currently but am due back to my corps in the near future, but not before the tranche takes place. Do I go via my J1 chain at my current unit or will have to go via my corps HQ J1 or similar? Any advice regarding this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. That made no sense at all. Try harder.
  3. Yeah, cheers for your input. Only helpful replies required
  4. Not a chance in the world on this site. If you'd bothered to do any research on this site you'd realise you have now pissed off one of the people who could have adviced (sic) you.
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  5. I don't like his tone either.
  6. Oh, my sincerest apologies, I did not mean to piss off the person who offered me no advice, only rhetoric. I can only assume that you also want me to apologise for my lack of "research" into the forum dungeon masters and who's who is this amazing virtual world.
    Look, EScotia, I simply posted a question which I would have thought would be a simple one to understand (Mistake one: Clearly wrong on that front - way too complex), and would gain some sort of logical answer as opposed to sarcasm on the first account (mistake two: giving this website the benefit of the doubt).
    So a big thank you to you also, EScotia, for your equally helpful input. Next time, just don't bother. It's not like you'll be adding anything.

  7. I concur. As punishment I don't think you should tell him when pay day is this month.
  8. Oh, and have a chuck up for correctly identifying a spelling mistake. You must be chuffed to bits, well done you.
  9. Thanks joey but no need, it comes naturally.

    **** me, you boys really have nothing better to do. Right, I'll leave you to it. Out
  10. You ******* knob.There are people on here than can help, but with your attitude, I'd rather cut my toenails and listen to Abba than give you advice.

    That is all.
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  11. Haha, yep you were really helpful. Do yourself a favour, go outside for a bit and see the real world as opposed to living off your seniority on this site. You might find its quite pleasant.
    "******* knob", haha love you too

  12. Great - shut the door on the way out.OAO
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  13. I'm a civvie, you toilet.
  14. Bastard, I don't normally drink on a school night, but I cracked open a beer and pulled up me comfy chair for this. Now I've wasted me popcorn it seems.