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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by saddave023, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. Hello to all!!

    Well I’m hoping someone can shed light on my small predicament.

    I’m Ex-Royal Artillery and after completing 9 years service I left in 2010 as a Substantive Corporal.
    I’m currently a police officer and work in intelligence.

    The ‘bug’ has never left me and I’m seriously considering rejoining, however at 29 I’m aware my options are limited.

    I looked into joining the Int Corps as an officer but have been told this is not now a possibility due to the officer age limit of 26!

    There is the option however of joining the - wait for it…. RAF. The RAF will take officer intakes for intelligence roles to the ripe old age of 36!

    From where I’m sitting it looks like my only two options are the RAF one or joining the Int Corps as a regular Soldier.

    With the possibility of sounding completely arrogant joining the Int Corps as a soldier leaves me somewhat restless…

    9 years in the Army brought me any experiences, including tours of Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and exercises in Oman, Canada and Germany. Given this 'experience' and taking into account my current role I can’t help but feel I have more to give then joining from scratch as a regular soldier...

    Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

  2. I really don't get where this myth of officer is better than soldier when it comes to intelligence - officers don't DO a lot of the work, whereas we mete mortals do. I've had a far mote colourful and effective career than the majority of ruperts in the Corps

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  3. Your current job sounds pretty cushy to be honest! Why would you not want to be paid to sit in a nice warm Mondeo drinking Costa Coffees and watching some pond life through some nice binos?

    Joking aside, I wish you the best of luck, whatever you decide to do, and I'm sure someone with a bit more to add than me will be along shortly.

    Good luck Wing Commander Dave!
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  4. Hi and thanks for your comment,

    I see what your saying fiveroundsrapid and maybe i danced around a little with my point... What i mean is, (rightly or wrongly) being 'told' what to do by a 25 year old uni grad after the experiences i've had might be a tough pill to swallow!

    Again without trying to sound too arrogant!
  5. You're just marking yourself as a target for abuse with a post like that.
  6. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    I believe DHU is tri-service, is it not?
  7. Apologies, i'm just trying to be as honest as i can in order to get the best advice. Its certainly not my intent to cause offence.
  8. I'm sure a man of your skills and experience can find the number for Chicksands and give them a call in the morning.
  9. Sad Dave your long term aspirations will also impact the path you choose. If you want promotion, domestic stability and command in a generally benign, technology focused service, then RAF officer is probably the place.

    You could start in the Int Corps as a soldier with no assurance that you will be able to ply your current trade. You could even end up on an RAF station if you are not careful!
  10. Well thank you for the compliment zero-over. I have spoken to Chicksands although only briefly. I just had an interest of obtaining the views from others...
  11. How covert is your work?

    (Where's Adastra when you need him?)
  12. I'm not sure I understand why you necessarily want to be an officer, if your interest is in operations. In common with all other Army officers, Int Corps DE officers are there to command - not necessarily do, although ours do get their hands dirty on a fairly regular basis. If you want a fulfilling professional career with a strong operational focus, joining as a soldier is your man, although you won't necessarily be employed doing exactly what you want, the needs of the Service, as you'll recall from your former days, remain paramount.

    The RAF is an option and a comfortable and unchallenging one, at that. Cranwell is apparently quite a relaxing place and the RAF officers I've met give the impression that they're jolly nice folk. Wouldn't want to be anywhere near them, or under their command, on active service, mind, but lovely people. If Farah slacks, slip-on shoes and white athletic socks float your boat, then an RAF commission might be worth seeking, especially if you like Lincolnshire.
  13. I can understand you wanting to leave the police, the job has been going downhill for years and now appears to be in total freefall.

    Personally, with your background, I would have a stab at RAF Officer.

    Best of Luck, anyway Dave.
  14. Oh you had to didn't you.
  15. If you want to rejoin (gosh why?) then you have stated your choices. (RAF not admired). There are other alternatives for covert work besides police. Why are you rejecting them?