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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by edd1989, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. I have to do an analysis of two website for my English language coursework. Obviously, being a fan of arrse I immediately choose it. However the other website would have to be a female site which would share the same topics e.g. some current affairs issue. This is so I can analyse what they are doing differently.
    Does anyone know a girly website like this? For some reason I haven’t been able to find one.
    Any help appreciated.
  2. The RAF version of this site would that be girly enough for you.

    Try something horsey or cross stitch prehaps Sapphos

    Love Mrs Armadillo.
  3. Is this a wah?
  4. I thought about using rear party or e-goat but I was really looking for something a little bit more sissy. (I realise I just mentions rear part and e-goat)
    Just something which isn't military would be good. Any site you may of -cough - stumbled across.
    I was going to use a site like ratemyrack but unfortunately my teacher didn’t think it was appropriate.
  5. There are lots of forums about pets - my favourite is Doggiesite :The online community for Singapore Dog Lovers :scratch:
  6. Well, this isn't really a male site - just a conservative (small c) military message board.

    However, for a mirror image (very liberal civilian equivalent), you could use Urban75, or the Mark Thomas Comedy Product message boards.
  7. Is there a french version of ARRSE that would serve the same purpose?
  8. Try Very girly. Not small potatoes though as it has just been bought by NatMags for £22million..
  9. I have to do an analysis of two website for my English language coursework. (I realise I just mentions rear part and e-goat)

    we all admittedly have our bad days typin but is there really much hope for you in an English Language Course if these are the mistakes ur making?

  10. Er... you're not exactly in a position to talk dudders!
  11. Come now i have no need to prove my english abilities...i did all that last year to a satisfactory degree! Admittedly i was setting myself up there for that comment! Having said that, my comment did at the very least make sense, given that the strictures of Queen's English may relaxed somewhat! I'll let him off if he speaks in West Country(?) dialect...I just argh...

    Still I acknowledge myself well and truly chastised Sweetheart!

  12. try for an alternative view of life from the great unwashed

    All the same discussions in current affairs but more mewling about how unfair life is.......

    Get a fecking haircut a job and step away from the herbal cigarettes C+NTS

    Hope that helps