Help a new recruit please!

Hello Lads / Ladies!

Im a new TA recruit (yes yes... set me on fire...) and Im wondering if anyone can point me to a "New recruits handbook" or something because most of the stuff I am fed at drill nights confuses the crap out of me!

Things such as acronyms, procedures, who to call Sir, who to salute, who to ass kiss... etc! Ill be very grateful!


If you're doing that marching thing, you start off with the left foot, followed by the right, then you move the left one again, then back to the right. You keep this up until someone with a loud voice tell you otherwise. You always go in a forward direction except for a few occasions when you go backwards, such as "hin openn odure..reeeat driss". In this case if you're in the rear rank you'll be going backwards on the first order and if you're in the front rank you'll use reverse when instructed to do so with the command " eeenn cloose ordure,.. reeeat driss".
oh and if you ever chat up a burd and find out her surname is the same as the RSM's do not assume it's a coincidence otherwise you might regret it.

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