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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by RBT84, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. Hi

    The names Rob I'm 22 years old, I have always been overweight but I was fit and healthy up untill I was 18 and started drinking and stop playing rugby etc.I quit the booze 12 moths ago but incresed the junk food I'm currently at My biggest 20 stone :oops:.
    I have recently started walking most morning and i'm slowly cutting out the junk food,
    I have set my self a goal of losing 8 stone in 12 month and applying to join the army soon after.

    I would appreciate it if you guys/girl could help me work out a fittnes plan and recomend a decent diet

  2. Hello Rob,

    A mate of mine was a similar size and lost 7 stone in just over 12 months he just started to eat really healthily and started to cycle, swim and run. Start gently a first and build it up! Also he always says if he's hungry he drinks a glass of water and waits 15 mins before eating then only eats until he's 80% full, it might suck but it sure worked for him. Have you tried not eating carbs in the evening as I doubt your exercising to burn them off?
  3. Congratulations. Getting healthy is the best decision you'll ever make. Month after month you'll see changes you like and will begin to reach a level where you will never want to go back to your old ways.

    Take a look at the Army careers web site and check out the physical assessment tests for selection. These are relativley easy and should be used as a minimum target. Excercise plans vary from person to person, what's right for me may not be right for you.

    Check out 'Fighting Fit' by Adrian Weale, a great book that isn't full of jargon, has illustrations if you're unfamiliar with different excercises, and little sections on diet etc.

    Others will undoubtadly be able to supply more specific info. All I can say is stick to it, you may even start to enjoy it! Good luck.

    Oh, and look after your knees.
  4. Walk everywhere, it really works. I lost a stone in 3 weeks when I went to America & couldn't afford to hire a car. I couldn't afford to eat either but that's besides the point. If it's too far to walk, then cycle. Cars only for journeys over 10miles.
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Food combining, no carbs after certain times, macro diets....all shite.

    Very simple equation calories consumed minus calories burnt = calories available to deposit as fat.

    Make calories consumed less than calories burnt and you will lose weight as you use deposited fat as a source of energy.

    Balanced, healthy low fat diet, minimal or no alcohol. Couple this with a gradual and progressive exercise programme and you will lose weight.

    Good luck

    PS. It is nowhere near as much fun as beers and pies, but hey, your choice!
  6. I second Morty's suggestion that you get hold of "Fighting Fit" by Adrian Weale. It gives detail on exercise and diet with a good combination of running, swimming, cycling, weight training and bergen work-outs. It also contains several plans depending on your level of fitness, from "Desk Driver" and "Semi-Pro", through the basic "Fighting Fit" plan which takes several months to bring you up to a good Army standard, followed by various Para/Cdo/SAS programmes for the nutters.

    Do stick rigidly to the plan and don't do too much too soon, or you will spend weeks/months in physio...
  7. Speaking as a civilian gym instructor and someone in a similar position to yourself (ex rugby player - prop - who's weight had creeped up to 17 and a half stone not that long ago but is now preparing physically for the army):

    Nutrition wise, look to cut out all - or at least severely limit - all the shite in your diet. Soft fizzy drinks, biscuits, cakes, deep fried pizzas / mars bars (haha) sweets, chocolate, takeaways, fry ups etc. It is very hard to do to begin with, but remind yourself constantly what it is we are aspiring to physically and career wise. We're only human though, I still like my piss ups 1-2 a month but I justify this to myself because I've cut 10-15'000 calories from my weekly food intake and it makes progressive exercise / healthy eating bearable.

    3-4 meals a day. My eating style is to combine different food groups (carbs, fats, proteins) so that I feel full-up between meals and avoid snacking. Keep hydrated (I add robinson's or whatever to my water as drinking litres of water day in day out gets boring). My diet revolves around scrambled / boiled eggs, wholegrain carb foods, beef, chicken, fish and fruit / veggies.

    Through trial and error and keeping a daily calorie log (to begin with if you're unsure how many calories you're getting a day) figure out how much food you can eat while losing approx. 2-3lb / week.

    There's nothing really to it Rob. Keep hydrated, cut out all the crap junk foods and eat regular meals, avoiding snacking as much as possible.

    Exercise-wise, get to your local gym, book an induction, talk to the experts. I'd have you doing a combination of light/moderate cardio work and basic resistance exercises 3-4 times a week to get you accustomed again to regular progressive exercise. Perhaps avoid jogging / running for the moment until you shed some more weight to avoid overly stressing your joints. Like you're doing already, avoid using the car / public transport when possible to get to places.

    Sample hybrid program (every other day):

    Warm up / stretches
    1st cardio machine
    a selection of upperbody exercises (high reps, low resistance)
    2nd cardio machine
    a selection of lowerbody exercises (high reps, low resistance)
    3 cardio machine
    Ab work.
    Col down / stretches

    Sample total body resistance program (e.g. Mon, Wed, Fri)

    Bench press
    Lateral pulldown / Bent over rows
    Shoulder (push / cheat) press
    Bicep Curl
    Tricep Pushdown
    Weighted Lunges
    Romanian deadlifts / stiff legged deadlifts

    Ask instructor to demonstrate exercises if unsure; 3-4 sets / exercise ; 12-20 reps / set (adjust resistance accordingly); 1-2 min rest between sets

    ^ Just a couple of samples for you, give you some ideas.

    *Edit: As The Duke sums up, while preferable to eat the right foods to fuel your body, the bottom line is use up more calories than you eat.

    Yellow Devil's recommended training style would definately be better than pure gym work outs, especially for variety (keeping it interesting) and subjecting your body to different activities for cardio / muscular endurance fitness.
  8. Thanks for the kind words and top tips guys :salut: , I have found Fighting Fit on amazon for £1.90 (bargain).
    I will keep you all posted on my progress

  9. Eat Healthy,Train Hard...
  10. Im certainly no expert, but ive found these things have helped me a little:

    Dont eat after 6pm, that way ya not sat about all night with food in ya gut not gettin burned.

    Fruit fruit and more fruit! Ya will be driblin out ya arse for a week or so but at 39 calories in a tangerene and lots of vitamin goodness, theyre great. I get through 10-15 a day now rather than junk! Other tasties include stewed apple (no sugar!), banannas etc.

    Carry a bottle of water arround and keep topped up, will also stop ya gettin hungry if ya full of water.

    Pick ya exercises cerfully, ya need to keep ya heart rate in a fat burnin zone for a decent period, ya may find that if ya run, it shoots upto 180-190bpm, ya get out of breath and have to stop after a few minutes, doesnt do much for ya. A prolonged cycle / row / swim for a hour at a comfortable pace will see ya heart rate where it should be to help shift the fat. As ya loose weight, then bring the runnin in, slowly at first till ya up and runnin. This way ya dont have 20 stone poundin on ya knees too.

    Ive done these for a while now, gone from a 40 inch waist to 34 and still droppin and now runnin a sub 12 min 1.5m with more to come till i get it bellow 9.18.

    Tell ya what also keeps me motivated, as ya loose weight, dont dump ya belt when it gets too big, keep drillin holes in it, great ego boost when ya realise where youve come from.
  12. Hello RBT 84.

    Plenty of good info on this thread. You can only fail if you don't heed it. The key to success is a little regular is better than a lot sparodically. Good luck fella.
  13. If you feel like snacking, brush your teeth. Somehow the minty freshness (must be the baking soda) stops me from eating when I shouldn't.
  14. Funny but that's very true. At lunch time I brush my teeth and find I don't want a cup of bloating tea or biscuit because my mouth tastes good and sort of 'slim'! Maybe it's because we subconsciously relate brushing teeth to end of day or final thing after food.