help a desperate grunt

Not sure if this is the right place to put this so apologies if it isnt. Ill cut to the chase fellas, im after a semi final ticket in the everton end for next month. Due to work commitments - excercises, mst etc.... i havent been to enough games this season to be able to buy one.
I appreciate this isnt a football forum but hoping that due to contacts etc some of you might have, there may be someone with a spare or who could square me away. I am prepared to pay a reasonable price.
Thanks for your time im in the catterick area but could travel to collect if neccessary. I know its a long shot but fuck it youve gotta try havent you.
Sorry I wasn't sure we're to put it, not holdin my breath on getting one but gotta try everything as I really dont want to be gettin mugged off by some tout outside wembely

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