Help 4 Heroes - Thames Challenge(Walk) June 2011


War Hero
Hi all,

Fairly short notice, but thought I would mention it... I hadn't seen any other posting about it...

Set for the 4th June 2011... a variety of walks (3 different distances) along the Thames Path in Oxfordshire, roughly centered on Faringdon and taking in a number of waterside pubs - in addition to the main business of the actual walking.

Details all up on the website: Home - Events4H4H

I am not involved with it in any official capacity, though my sister has helped on the fringes of it and I live near the route and am familiar with the paths involved. The more the merrier and so I thought I would mention it here.. there is still time for people to register and take part... I can vouch for the pubs and their food.


War Hero
Seeing as the weather is looking nice for this.... I thought I would punt it up the board again.

Here is a better link..

Although it is on the late side for sponsorship there is an option for people to turn up on the day and register and walk - (Details via link above) if a riverside stroll on a balmy summer's day sounds enticing.

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