Help 4 Heroes Steam train, calling all Trainspotters!

Help for Heroes Chuff Chuff

There will be a Help 4 Heroes event on the 27th March 2010 running between Lancaster and York. The British Armys best kept secret: 275 Railway Troop will be in attendance! (well some of us anyway)
For those interested, the schedule for the train is:

The train departs Lancaster 08:10

Stops for 5 minutes at Manchester Victoria at 10:24

Arrives York 12:37
More bloody asylum seekers! ;)

How are you all going to get home :?


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IT was all eyes on the sky at the National Railway Museum in York.

Visitors yesterday had the opportunity to watch a mighty Chinook helicopter land in the visitor car park at the museum as it prepared to take part in a Help For Heroes event on Saturday.

There will be a chance to look round the helicopter as part of a programme of events, which also includes a steam excursion between Lancaster and York, pulled by 70013 Oliver Cromwell, accompanied by 46115 Scotsguard, which have been donated by the museum. The train will arrive at York Station at 12:37pm, when there will be a procession of pipers and Scots guards to the museum.

Every penny raised by the excursion will go to the Help For Heroes charity.

Steve Davies, the museum’s director, said: “It is truly inspiring to see the whole of the rail industry pull together to make this fantastic event happen.

“We were only too happy to show our support by ensuring passengers on the steam excursion have a fantastic day out by putting on a range of activities for them to enjoy at the museum once they arrive in York.”

Replica Rocket steam rides will run from 10am to 4pm on Saturday and the Chinook helicopter will be in the car park from approximately 10am until 3pm on the day.

Oliver Cromwell and Scotsguardman will be on view in the South Yard from 2.15pm until about 3.35pm.
Train times for Saturday:

Lancaster d 08.10 46115+70013
Preston a 08.38
d 08.40
Wigan NW a 08.57
d 08.59
Golborne Jc 09.07
Eccles a 09.25
d 10.10
Manchester Victoria a 10.24
d 10.29
Miles Platting Jc 10.37
Stalybridge 10.58
Diggle Jc 11.08
Huddersfield 11.20
Wakefield Kirkgate 11.41
Castleford 11.55
Church Fenton 12.14
Colton Jc 12.26
York a 12.37

0.0 York d 16.42 46115+70013
Colton Jc 16.51
Church Fenton 16.56
Castleford 17.11
Wakefield Kirkgate 17.28
Mirfield East 17.42
Brighouse a 17.55 water
d 18.29
Hebden Bridge 18.47
Hall Royd Jc 18.54
Rochdale 19.09
Thorpes Bridge Jc 19.22
Manchester Victoria a 19.29
d 19.32
Eccles 19.40
Golborne Jc 19.56
Wigan NW d 20.04
d 20.06
Preston a 20.26


Sat at work looking at it now, very nice, although, whoever thought of stopping it in Salford may regret it, saying that, the scrotes won't be up yet.
The train was a massive success - well done to everyone involved.

275 Railway troop (V) were on board the train selling H4H wristbands and collecting money off people. We also collected at network Rail stations, including Manchester Victoria and York.

The train arrived at Preston to a brass band and guard off honor and was greeted at York by 3 bagpipers.

The British public were SO generous!!!!
Agreed, very impressed with the amount of people dropping £10's and £20's into the collecting buckets at Manchester and York.

A real pleasure to meet Treo the search dog (VC!) and his handler, those two along with the Scots Guards pipers were a good crowd pleaser!

Well done to all involved!
Y'know, sitting here in the sweltering heat and humidity and reading arrse and the online papers, it is very easy to get a correct vision of the UK being a distorted and dysfunctional society. And then I read about this and feel a certain swelling of pride.

God bless all who made it happen! I would love to have been there.
It was a good day- it looked good coming into the NRM. Shame the Chinook couldn't make it.
Latest guesstimate for funds raised : £4500 and still counting!

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