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Fella's, I'm after a bit of help.

We are planning a big charity auction down here in the Falklands and I am in desperate need of donations.

I have written to every football club, rugby club, rugby league club and various other people and organisations. To date I have received 7 pledges of donations for auction, but lots of negatives also.

What I need first and foremost is for those ARRSErs out there with connections to famous people to lend a hand by either contacting them, or providing me with contact details in order that I may formally approach them.

Obviously any donations would also be most welcome.

Please PM me with any assistance you may be able to offer.

What I plan to do is put a list of the items on here in order that people can submit a bid for anything they desperately want, that way if we have an auction lot which means nothing personally to someone serving here, there may be a huge fan in ARRSE land who will bid more.

Many thanks for your help.


Re my PM,Page 3 babe Holly Maguire has agreed to donate some goodies,PM me your E-Mail addy so I can pass it on to her,



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Just E-Mailed around my Company "Camerons" for some Gizzits, we normally get some Gucci clothes etc from the Oil & Gas industry.



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Thnaks very much mate, like I said, anything is appreciated.

Cheers :D


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Anyone else able/willing to help??? :D


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Unable to help but as little bit of advice for anyone else approaching rugby premier league clubs - they all have their own charities that they support and unless you have anyone on the 'inside' you have no hope. We wrote to every rugby premier league club and only 2 - 3 wrote back saying no. The rest did'nt even bother. Thats not to say that in the future they might not help but just my experience recently.

Good luck with your event though.


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SC, cheers mate, it would appear that not only the Rugby clubs have taken this step. Many of the Premier League clubs and Championship clubs have used this line in rejection letters/e-mails.

I could understand it, if it weren't for the fact that quite a few clubs have simply printed off a club photo and got a few signatures on it, doesn't exactly cost a lot that does it? The likes of Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City have all fobbed me off, yet Man Utd, Sunderland, Everton etc have sent us stuff, Sheffield United have sent us a signed shirt!!!

It is a real shame that clubs cannot see that even a really small gesture would be appreciated. Like I said Man Utd sent us a signed pennant, in spite of the fact that they receive 70,000 requests a season for donations.

The Rugby clubs haven't been great thuis far, I've had a couple of really kind donations, family tickets to games, signed programmes etc, and Bath have offered a signed shirt (friend connection on that one) but no reply from most.

I do have a few good items for auction now which should raise some money, but it would just be nice for a further 5-10 quality items.

Any further help would be great.

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