Help 4 Heroes ( Barcelonabangers 2010)

Ay up fellow arrser's Im taking part in a event to raise funds for H4H. Its an event called Barcelona bangers , what we have to do is find a car not worth more then £200 and get it to Barcelona via two stops in France .The first day we meet up at Calais, all 64 teams .The first day is a 420ml trip to Lyon, stop the night for a social evening ( or piss up as it use to be called) second day we go over the french alps (car killer) and arrive in time for the French grand prix ,should be a laugh to see all the top cars with our sack's of shi'te milling around ,after a day there, we set of on the final leg to Barcelona 320mls( La Ramblas) for a presentation and drinkys .To see more about this event visit May 2010 . To see our car visit This car looks better than it is, and ive spent a lot of time sorting it out. We have raised so far £850, so if your feeling generous leave us a donation and a comment. If your around the scunthorpe area, i will be down scunnny football club on Sunday selling H4h Merchandise with the car ,so come and say hello
What times are you there between John? You don't want to be there on a matchday, as you may get a run out!!
Im sure its after the match .but cant give dates away as there was some gatecrasher's last year so its hush hush until we go
With Scunnys massive support I reckon you will raise about £1.50. However, the pikeys will by then have had your wheels. :oops:

If, however you had gone 20 miles down the road to the Blundell Park stadium of dreams, I'm sure you would have raised a lot more.

Either way, good luck
It is bloody hard work raising funds for charity , ive learnt that so ,hats off to people who do it all the time . As for the pikeys around here i will leave me car on Riddings estate they wont touch it there lol

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