Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Hairyhaw, Apr 30, 2003.

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  1. The current issue tin bin- hot, heavy and a general pain in the arrse or a well thought out peice of kit with it's handy elasticy bits for foliage-discuss. ;D
    Also, does anyone think that it holds up well compared to other forces helmets?
  2. msr

    msr LE


    The only things it needs are a small square of roll-mat inside it (the string is not very comfortable) and an extra piece of elastic so that it stays on your bonce with respirator and NBC kit on.

    Personally I don't recommend putting a FFD inside it as there is nothing that squaddies like more than seeing something burn "Quick sir, your helmet's on fire!"

    Are you old enough to remember the steel piss pot, which it replaced?

  3. I have seen them but am not old enough to have been issued with one or indeed, spent any amount of time running around with it on. ;)
    regarding the roll-mat, I know of someone that did same but with the foam at the bottom of an ammo box.
    My experience limits my frame of reference to only the mk 6 but am interested in others views not least because someone said to me recently that the septics' dome is much better than our own.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    That's the point, as soon as you started running around it came off - and don't even start me on FIBUA  ;D ;D ;D

    Just as good

    I was lead to believe that the septics' lid was heavier than ours...

  5. having met the jacket who took a round to the head
    and lived cos of the helmet i have to say that proves
    it works
      the helmet or whats left of it is in the museum at whinchester  if anyone intrested  and there was an article  in soldier about the incident.
          only good thing about the tin lid it was cheap if you lost it and we did not wear it at night i seem to rember
    cant rember why that was ?
  6. ---
  7. Not valid in my view. The head still needs protection whether night or day !

    But I am afraid when this is so, the helmet will not do the job it was designed to do. In my experience you can always tell a slack unit by the number of soldiers who fail to do up the chin strap !
  8. The real pain in the arse with the old steel bin (quite apart from the way the elastic chinstrap crusted up with the salt from your sweat) was that it only had a two-point chinstrap. Nod your head violently, and the helmet could move forward to cover your eyes.....not good.

    The problem with the builder's hardhat fitting is that if there's a band all the way around the head, you can't get a headset or muff-type ear defender on underneath the helmet. And in these enlightened days of hearing protection, that's a big thing.

    The three-point harness on the kevlar solves this. However, when you look at the Americans' PASGT, it's still only got a two-point harness.... and they complain that it can slide forward and cover your eyes. (That, and apparently they can't wear their radio headset under it; strange.......)

    When we changed from steel to kevlar, the joke was that we went from not being able to get the MoW to wear the damn thing, to not being able to persuade them to take it off.

    I turned up to PCD with a steel bin, but luckily managed to sign out a kevlar. The other subbie from the battalion (we weren't NATO roled, so were down the kit issue order) wasn't so lucky, and spent the whole course as "the only man with a steel helmet".
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I enjoyed the old Mk5 in Trg, when the Cpl made you take the spider out and have the metal stud bouncing into the swede!- [​IMG]Ah the Good Old Days!
  10. Woody, it was a Light Infantryman, not a Jacket, who took a .50 cal round to the helmet and survived.  He even sent his own contact report - although he did call it in as a bomb rather than a shooting!  An understandable mistake given the circumstances. :eek: :eek:

    Ramillies, couldn't agree with you more about helmet discipline - although I am a fan of not wearing helmets for night recce patrols if unimpeded vision and hearing is the priority.  Usual risk assessment applies though, and most times the helmet is going to be the winner.

    I'd prefer a bit more of a cutaway at the back though, so that it is easier to keep your head up in the prone position.
  11. It is good... indeed very good when compared against other helmets. A common point about them is the problem when looking up in the prone postion, the helmet does impinge on the top of the flak jacket, though the latest jackets have a cut out for the helmet.

    There is a balance here about having to protect the neck. Clearly soldiers must be able to fire in the prone position and the tolerances for a properly fitting helmet against the jacket are very tight.

    Overall - this helmet is good news and certainly better than the steel helmet it replaced, which the older users of this board will remember with affection (or otherwise !)
  12. Kevlar above the tin hat any day! It was heavy , uncomfortable and embarrasing, plus the introduction of kevlar removed the indignity of having to wear the Spider on your head when training NCOs shouted 'Batman' as the next form of dress at quick change parades.
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Unless I’m wrong, which I often am.  The current Mk6 is Glass Reinforced Plastic and not Kevlar.  Kevlar’s were trialed but failed for some reason (weight/cost anyone?).  Compare the weight of your body armour inserts to the Mk6…

    (Also, a quick tip, rather than tie elastic to the exterior to allow your Mk6 to fit around the S10 – hang on to a grenade ring (or get an ordinary plain key ring) and loop that through the ring already there.  That will allow you the extra half-inch needed to attach everything (without facking about with a stupid black elastic strap…).

    The steel dome, as someone said on this site once, was like balancing 4 lbs of steel on a pin on the top of your head.

    The US Fritz helmet is far more comfortable for than the Mk6, heavier I remember and has balloony out bits for  headsets etc (as opposed to not covering your ears in the Mk6).  I don’t recall using PRC with it but we swapped gear with the yanks one time for an ex and the general feeling from the platoon was we liked the Fritz helmets more.  Of course, what you like and what is better is not the same thing…
  14. Mr H
    The official line seems to be that the Mk 6 is "ballistic nylon" - which I always took to mean it was basically Kevlar, but not Du-Pont's branded stuff (think "laminate armour" on Abrams, as opposed to Chobham or Dorchester on CR / CR2). ;)

    Agree with you on the elastic strap for NBC use, although I find a loop of paracord is quieter than a grenade ring.

    The US helmet is definitely more comfy and gives better airflow around the swede.  It is heavier, though, and probably no better at stopping things.  Also, I'm afraid that that helmet shape will always be associated in my mind with "the enemy".   Thank God the Boche saw sense and didn't stick with US shaped helmets after getting rid of their steel lids:)
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I knew a man that used to work at a place near Colchester where they built things like that and I heard from another man that they did trial six X Mk6's in Kevlar and opted for "GRP" for other reasons but as I didn't hear it from the man but his OC I cannae vouch for anything.  

    Still chuffed to hear it stops bullets though!  Unlike that awful metal thing with the god awful chin strap.

    Mr H