Helmets on Adv Trg.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_field_mouse, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. I never wear a helmet, primarily because I ski well enough not to fall over.

    That and they're gay.

    Also, it depends on what you're doing. Half-pipe, boardercross etc, I'd be more tempted to wear one....though don't as I don't own one.

    Because they're gay ;)
  2. So that's a NO then!!
  3. Good point. I am a skiing instructor, and never used to wear one. then I was teaching a mate who said that if we were stood at the top of this mountain on a mountain bike, then we would deffo be wearing helmets,and other padding too.
    I now always wear one, even when teaching absolute beginners - lead by example - and am sure the forces willl soon adopt a helmet policy, it will just take one serious / fatal smash.
    As for it being gay, grow up eh?
  4. No hope there fella. Sorry.
  5. Only a few years ago people had the mickey out of cyclists wearing a helmet. Now it is a common sight. It's not big or hard to smash your skull in a cycle accident, and it's not big or hard to smash your skull in a skiing accident.
  6. It's already a common sight to see skiers/borders wear helmets, and has been for a couple of years now.
  7. I think that there is too much legislation in place already and it hardly seems that we can do anything without being told how to do it.

    I am a keen rock climber, mountaineer, skiier and white water kayaker and I wear a helmet for each of these activities as and when I see fit / feel the risk is great enough.

    I like to think that I am big enough and ugly enough to make my own mind up as to when I need to take extra care, dress appropriately and say that enough is enough/too hard for me.

    I just wish that people would leave us alone to make our own minds up. Proper instruction should be delivered and the merits of protective gear should be properly explained along with its limitations.
  8. I have never worn one and would rather not, my kids on the other hand wear one weather they like it or not.
  9. What about everyone else? Do they ski well enough to make sure you never get involved in an accident with them? Same with cyclists really; we don't wear helmets because we can't keep our balance, but just in case some nobber in a 4x4 comes in a bit close or a deer runs across the road or whatever. I don't know of a major limitation in cycling to wearing a helmet, and I can't think of one for any other AT which is serious enough to make it not worth wearing one. For the record I have at least once gone arse over tit on my bike and taken the full force of it on my helmet; wouldn't like to see how the eggshell would have stood up to that