Helmet that stops rifle rounds (US)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by winnfield, Feb 5, 2011.

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  1. "Enhanced Combat Helmet" - new American helmet thats lighter but with higher levels of protection. Able to withstand rifle rounds.

    New Helmet Blocks Rifle Shots
  2. $600 is still cheap and if it gives me a chance against a rifle round to the dome then it's worth it! Too bad our forces will be years behind the curve on this one.

  3. You'll be buying them off eBay before any politician gives you a second thought.
  4. I take it that if the helmet stops a round in a direct shot rather than a glancing hit there is still a shedload of lethal energy going through.

    So the internal harness and padding are going to be at at least as important as the external material...... I was always unimpressed with the MK6 in that it was made from green string and safety helmet straps inside.
  5. Do you study 'helmets'?
  6. Yes and I can type at full speed with one hand.
  7. I never doubted you.
  8. Ah, this takes me back to the days of "dragon skin".

    The only helmets i have seen that are NIJ IV are very heavy, no matter what they are made from, Kevlar or Dyneema... For those that are interested, i will be giving a talk on PPE at the counter terror expo in April
    Counter Terror Expo 2011 - PPE - Special Forces and Reaction

    Anyway, anyone intrested, we now have Ops-Core products in stock.
  9. That pcture looks like a glancing shot tbh, didn't this shite get trotted out by some Royal Marine who showed off his helmet (Fnarr) to some newspaper types and then turned out to be pony.
    Still would be happy to be proved wrong by someone wearing one and having a 7.62x51mm round fired directly at them.
  10. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    "Some types of 7.62 mm rifle ammunition" says it all. I'd like to meet the bloke who was wearing it in the test
  11. The new MK7s are pretty decent to be fair. I know one lad who was hit in his and was fine.
  12. A round still cuts through the Mk7 like it's butter. 1 lad on H12 was shot and was lucky that the round grazed his bonce. The round went straight through.
  13. I'm no expert but wouldn't the energy break your neck
  14. Nope. Or it would break your shoulder when you fired your rifle.
  15. true that, hadn't thought of it that way just the idea of something smacking into your head at high volicity