Helmet Padding


This may seem like a bit of a bone question.... but I'm just looking for an easier way to do this. So just bear with me, and save the abuse for later ok?

Exchanged my old helmet as I'd snapped one of the plastic strap widgets next to my ear. I have a tiny head, and have had Helmets in size small before as mediums are way too big and flop all over my head after the padding's worn in.
Is there a quick and easy way to precompress the helmets padding a little? Only, once it's compressed that little bit it fits fine, but as it is now (brand new) it's just too tight and leaves huge bright red square marks on my forehead, which funny though it looks, doesnt feel all that great.

all answers appreciated but sensible answers preferred :p

Don't ask me why i didn't think of looking for an easy way before... lazy brain in my tiny head maybe
worm said:
but I'm just looking for an easier way to do this.
Get a six pack and pop down the LAD, ask any of the spanner stranglers to allow you to stick your head on the grinder, this will remove the point from it. Whilst your at it get your moneysworth and stick your face on the buffer it will give you a healthy glow to match your newly shaped swede.

Are you from Imber?
get a medium. put some of the padding you get from ammo boxes of bandoliers in it, sorted!
lol a fello pea head! Ive had the same problem, I used to take out the green straps that go under the padding, usually used to tighten the padding more, this should give you abit of slack. Also im sure the small size is wider that it is long? and some even look wider than a medium, gives you that proper mushroom head look! nice

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