Helmet netting.....

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ExReg.TARifles...., Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. Ex Regular of 7 years.........now TA what is the big deal these days with the black rubber round the bottom of the helmet? A good fitting helmet cover stays on and never had any problems after three op tours and 7 years in. Next thing.....someone enlighten me on the helmet netting and why? See many people wearing it these days and just would like to know how it came about and why? Cheers " SWIFT & BOLD"
    P.S If your a prick with a smartass ass comment move on...serious answers from real soldiers please not wannabe's.....
  2. If you'd been in you'd know what it was all about....
  3. Rubber is so last year, looked ally but not great when getting lit up by Terry Taliban, it melts and drips down your already badly burned beak!

    Sniper tape is the order of the day these days.
  4. I'm a prick so I'll shut the fook up.
  5. Been wearing it since 5AB days. Just how long have you been out you gopping STAB?

    7 yrs? You commitmentphobe.
  6. 88-95 Ex infantry Reg.....thought I'd get some stupid answers from stupid *******.........just was looking for an intelligent answer but seems that cannot even happen......And a ******* STAB cause like to keep my foot in and looking to go on tour again next year. PRICKS
  7. Never worried about trival shit like that to be honest mate......Now does anyone know??????????????
  8. i use one!! but its just to keep my,ace of spades, pack of lucky strike and oil bottle in
  9. I am a prick with a smartarse comment, so I'll get it out of the way, then resume reading my new copy of 'Covert War'

    It's for the Full Metal Jacket/Op. CORPORATE look of course.
  10. Calm down Princess! It's all in an effort to look ally, well more ally than stretchy elastic bands on your helmet. I suspect you might be a bit of an (Internet) aggressive prick yourself.
  11. Jesus calm down! When you were in, 5AB seemed to have the monopoly on netting on their helmets....allyness started to appear and non-airborne trained soldiers started to wear it.
    I think you will find tape on the bottom of the helmet stops the edging of the cover wearing away. It did when i had it on, but as im getting the MK7 in Theatre soon ill see whether it is needed.
  12. Little urban myth: The Israeli Army forbid the black innertube rubber practice when it was found that Syrian rifle range targets had a fat black horizontal stripe painted on them and recruits were taught to aim just below that... but do carry on, at least it looks ally. :D
  13. So the netting isn't to aid camouflaging of the helmet?

    And the rubber to aid finding your helmet?
  14. Ally-ness was recently described by a very old ex 10/3 Para tom, now back in 4 Para as:

    "You want to look like us, we don't want to look like you."

    I stick with the "Mock what you don't understand, fear what you will never become" school of thought.
  15. Its a catwalk out there and looking good is paramount!