Helmet modification, does anyone?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BigGSheff, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. Right, what I'm on about here is things that can be done to make the helmet more comfortable. I dont want a debate over whether you wear a para lid, mk6 or mk6a, just think about the helmet you wear and what personal touches you have made to it. Also, the feelings from the chain of command.

    Prime example for me is that I find the chinstrap on a mk6 really uncomfortable, especially when wet. I've seen a few guys who've cut out the centre part of the chin piece, but that still didnt do it for me. I borrowed an American MICH whilst working with some National Guard and found the chinstrap/harness design to be much better than ours, so, thinking of getting one for my helmet.

    Any other ideas on this?
  2. ...Just the usual, cat's eyes on the back, Black elastic to put under my S10 when doing NBC stuff so i dont have to faff about with the chin strap, black rubber from an NBC boot to hold the DPM cover on, my name, ZAP and blood type written all over it and if the CSM isn't about, then one of thoes little head torches.

    Things I am yet to add to my Swiss army lid: camera...why film your fcuk ups?, scrim net; the elastic is still good for me, and a rank badge...why?
  3. Some units demand it, worse some units require name badges too.
  4. if you deploy to theatre try and get one of them foam doughnut (not jam type) shaped things that the septics stick in their lids, make them mucho mucho comfy, if you are wearing a mk6a out in theatre, try removing the liner and fitting a para liner :1:
    as for the chinstrap problem, there used to be a rubber chincup that came with the riot modification kit in ireland, not seen one for donkeys except on some e.o.d types bonce, might be an avenue worth exploring as it makes the strap sit more comfie.
    last avenue to try is plastic surgery to get your mahoosive chinner shaved down an inch or two :wink: :wink:
  5. Put a FFD inside, much softer on the head.
  6. Ive heard of some lads (Para Reg) who replace the inner of the MK6 with the inner of a Para Lid. Much more comfortable.

    Edited to add: Sorry I didnt c u - didnt notice you had already posted that!
  7. ... so this isn't about piercings then ... ?

    Thank god I didn't put me picture up ....
  8. I got a helmetliner in the Naafi @ SLB, alot more comfortable then the issue string in the helmet, lol.

  9. Foam Liner from a Box of 200 link
    cumfy city Arizona if a tad sweaty :crying:
  10. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Bit of roll mat in mine. Does the job! But seen those do-nut things, seem quite handy.

    I´ve fallen for the ol NBC boot slice mitt cats eyes routine too. And a bungee for CBRN stuff.

    I used to see how much stuff I could fit on it before anyone commented. The csm did ask why I had, at one point;
    NBC boot slice
    Cats eyes
    Mini-flare pack
    Pack of fags (dont even smoke!)
    Ace of spades
    and a Kids Pirates Eyemask (which, others got too, because when someone asked about it I gave them the whole "white light at night" routine, because using a hand to cover your eye means you don´t have control over your weapon see...!)

    All a bit silly really!
  11. FFD fans seem to stand out in the crowd - makes them look like they're hiding a napper like Beldar from 'The Coneheads' the lid sits so high.

    Feller in my Sqdn has an Irish Army chin-strap. Much deeper cup and looks much better fitting.
  12. This whole elastic thing for NBC, what's that about? Don't you have to take the covers off your helmets in an NBC environment?
  13. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Why would you? Doesn´t say anything about doing that in Survive to Fight, and from a common sense point of view - taking the cover off would leave you with a shiney dome, rather untactical that!
  14. Because the covers absorb liquid agents?
  15. Which is why there's a ID drill!