Helmet / Head Cams - Whats the best set-up?


Deploying this year again - I'm thinking of getting one of these headcam set-ups. What systems have others tried and recommend?

Using a headcam will be easier than pulling a digicam out of the pocket as required. This may also be better than a helmet cam which will probably get knocked more and makes it difficult to remove the helmet due to the wire.

I think the traditional way to do this is with a "bullet" style (lipstick sized) cam taped to the side of the helmet, wired into a camcorder in the backpack. A LANC cable down the sleeve can act as a remote. It seems that we are now moving to portable DVR's first HDD based and now SD card based. A 16GB SD card could record most of the day, downloading onto a portable 1TB Ext HDD which are now less than £100!

If you google "bullet cam", the first site that comes back has quite a few alternatives. What are people using out there? We've all seen the Marine's footage and that from Ross Kemp's series. What was used?


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