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helmet graffiti

This features quite prominently in Michael Herr's Dispatches, but the best example I've encountered was stencilled on the back of an RAAF Iroqois pilot's helmet in Vietnam-it read;


Anyone got something better?
Are there any rules which govern this sort of thing?

As in, has someone taken the time to lay down regulations stating that the graffiti must be no more than 5"x5" on the helmet, and no naughty words etc.?

Just interested.
minister_doh_nut said:
Fallschirmjager said:
You'll need a very tiny nib to graffiti your helmet. :)
You wouldn't want me trying to cram it in your crimper
He's right you know.

You'd die of either hunger or boredom whilst he furiously rubbed it for hours trying to create any semblance of tumescence.
Some fcuking chopper (that'll be a younger me) thought it would be reeely funny to write "Defend your right to keep and bear howitzers"on my bergan. Oh how my boss laughed as I doubled round the airfield with said full item above my head. Happy days...
Sticker on an old motorbike lid I once had:

"In event of accident do not remove helmet - risk of punch in gob."

And following on from the biker theme......sticker on my numberplate, covering over the dealer advert:
"passengers are requested to refrain from screaming"

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