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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Swindonman, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Excuse the stupid question but arent these a bitch to get on ? , Im unfortunately blessed with a rather bulbus heed so I have an outsize helmet , my helmet cover says outsize but too does not fit correctly. Each weekend so far Ive had my muckers , Cpls and others trying to fit it but to no avail !!!!. All I get told is 'It will go just keep streching it'

    Any tips , someone suggested soaking it in water
  2. I have a pretty much average head, and mine is a bit tight, owing to the fact it's new..
    I was going to buy myself a bigger one, but as yours is outsize I guess you cannot get anything bigger :(

    On another note you could always buy another one and cut a segment out of one and add it to the one you would like to fit, but this could involve a bit of stitching with the housewife, and I'm not sure if this is allowed :( Just a thought though..
  3. If you make a long cut across the top of the cover it gets on a lot better...


    T C
  4. Unpick some of the stiching on the top, (they fold the material then stich it) so you'll have a bit of extra helmet cover. Then fit the cover and re-stich. I always have to do that when i get a new cover.
  5. Don't unstitch it, that's just silly. I wear a size large helmet, and my helmet cover says 'small to medium'. I thought this was a bit bloody stupid, as I couldn't get the thing onto my helmet as my it was way too small (cue smutty comments). I tried the soaking in water trick, and it worked a treat.
  6. Have you ever played theme hospital? you probably have that bloaty head syndrome but it is easily cured in an inflation clinic and hey presto! you have a normal sized head!
  7. If what I suggested above doesn't work, you could always try just wearing the helmet cover without the helmet. I've heard it's great during the summer, and it stops you overheating.
  8. Bring it in on tuesday and we'll sort it. Failing which I'll get my drill and drain any excess fluid from your head and you can then get a large!

  9. Rubish. Look at the helmet cover from the top. You'll only understand if your looking at the cover. There's two ponts where its stiched as the material is pleated. If you unstitch that particular point you will have an extra 5mms or so. It won't self distruct as its stiched the whole way along. If you can't stretch it any more just do this, i've done it on 4 helmet covers and it works. Us big heads must stick together!
  10. Oh for heavens sake, just get your Mum to knit you one and stop worrying about it.
  11. I know exactly which part you're talking about, that's the bit I had trouble with when I first got mine. When the cover was soaked in water and pulled tight after wringing extra water out, the entire think stretched around the helmet, and it's a perfect size now.
  12. wear a waste paper bin on your head instead conehead, however this will only stop air rifle pellets and not 7.62, give it a try........................with the 7.62 !!!
  13. Once the cover is soaked stretch it on, tie the laces. Then either a cross section(circle) of either a CBRN? NBC overboot ,or tyre inner tube secure around the edge of the helmet ala Para & their wannabes, not only does it look well warry, it actually works.
  14. sometimes I understand why we TA guys get a bit of stick 8O
  15. Unfortunately helmut covers are a tw@t.....Thats all the advice I can give you...:lol:

    It'll go on, it must do! you just have to stick at it....it took me ages trying to get me desert one on, but I got there...didn't soak it in water though, maybe I should have....nobody told me though and I was in a room full of lads who had been in all kinds of sh!te in many different decades...