Helmet cover with no elastic

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ReadySalted, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Who does this?
    Why do it?
    Are they being issued like this or something?
  2. Desert Cover? No elastic neccessary because theres nothing to scrim it/cam up with?
  3. My dessy cover has 'lastic on it. It can be handy for glowsticks etc.

    ..but not for holding your smokes. Don't do that.
  4. I take all of mine off except the one band that runs round the lower area. I'm tall so the top bits have a habit of snagging on door frames when I'm climbing in and out of vehicles. I nearly beheaded myself once.
    As walt says, there's nothing in the desert to cam your helmet up with anyway. And we're not in a war in Europe, and I'm not infantry, so the chances of me having to scrim up in greens are somewhere between slim and none.
    Besides, grass doesn't grow sideways, so the top most straps are useless anyway.
  5. The vertical bits are pointless, I've seen quite a few helmets with these bits removed, however the horizontal bits are of use, so keep them on.
  6. On the same issue, the paras seem to not bother with the elastic as they have scrim on their helmets, do they bother camming their helmets?
  7. You can still break up the outline of the helmet by stuffing foliage into the scrim netting and black rubber band if needed. Theres all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas when its comes to personel cam.

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  8. Cheers Sneaky!
    I heard one train of thought from a guy at the ITDU that because of modern surveilance devices the use of foliage has limited use anyway these days. I've seen pictures of DPM against digital cam (light and dark green?) and the digi cam was very good. It'd be a shame to loose the 'corporate image' though. Maybe not too bad if we kept to the same colour scheme.
  9. I think thats prity true within reason. Common sense dictates that by sticking a bit of bush onto your lid wont stop you being picked up by the likes of TI etc, but there are ways to defeat even those types of surveilance systems. Snipers and Patrols members being the daddys at it. The DPM v Digi cam debate has been done on here before I believe, but personally im a big fan of our desert DPM and think its second to none. If you look at posts in the QM threads aswell, theres some really good pictures of the possible replacement for our green kit.
  10. Just because something is limited does not mean that it is not to be done. Just because we are at the top of the food chain with kit means that the people that we fight are normally behind us. We should not lose the lessions of the past just because there is kit out there that can make it redundant. When we start fighting the yanks or the french then we can stop sticking leafs in our lid.
  11. Agreed. Thats why for example ,even though terry taliban hasn't vast amounts of night viewing aids availble to him, the blokes black light discipline etc are still on the ball. The first time you neglect the basics is the time it bites you in the bum. Murpheys law! your preaching to the choir mate but I would argue the fact were top of the food chain with regards to kit! :wink:
  12. Change of subject slightly, but would you want to be stood that close to the guy on the left with his L109 just hanging off his Osprey!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Na, ally as feck and appears to be his only weapon.......he doesnt seem to have a gat in the picture.
  14. depends if he's removed the safety pin and safety clip and fly off lever :lol: if he's that unlucky that something removes all of those somehow then for him....the future is not bright, and the future is not orange :wink: