Helmet Cams...?

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by sk8inmadkid, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys, just been looking round the internet and that, looking for a good Helmet cam, but I'm not sure what makes a good one or not? Has anyone here got one they reccommend to can anyone point me in the direction im looking for? Just want a durable waterproof and dustproof that can hold a lot of footage, takes a good quality picture and records audio too, im a complete novice with technology hence the cries for help on here!

    Cheers fellas

  2. Firefox.com is your friend
  3. You'll need one with a light. It gets awfully dark inside your bird although I'm a bit confused why you want to record her cervix.
  4. is this for the soft air saturdays? I used to have an Oregon Scientific but it was utter shite.
  5. One of the best small cameras on the market is the GoPro hero. I've used them many times for
    various TV applications.

  6. I have one, very good, used it for all sorts with no problems.
  7. this is actully something ive been wondering? would you get earache for using these on tour or does it just come down to your csm? or your section commander?
  8. That depends on where you mount it.
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  9. how so? or is this a sarky come back :)
  10. something that might irk you, whilst on duty that includes ops any footage comes under crown copyright and is technically owned by the crown. Also you need to consider OPSEC, that amarillo video gave out the entire camp layout, so a lot of commonsense applies. Also there have been a couple of cases of billy the hero with camera.

    I understand why you want to film the tour, but you need to be sensible about it. Personally I have gripped the lads with me wearing it. The only time it came in useful was for searches and debriefs.