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Helmet Cams - effective for military use?


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Recently i got a GoPro helmet cam for holiday -pretty damn cool, got some good footage while scuba diving and bouncing around the sea on a jet ski. I also went to use it on a recent range day - IBSR, CQB and MMTR.
IBSR worked well, with again good footage.
However, when i went to speak to range officer on cqb range, he advised that if he saw it out again, it would rapidly ascend my ********, which i took to be a no!
This in itself is not a problem - there are many good reasons why he did not want one used. On the other two ranges, the RO didnt mind, with the proviso that no military footage goes on Youtube/FB/Cloud etc which i had no intention of doing anyway.

When i got home and watched it back, it occurred that the helmet cam could actually be a useful training aid. On the IBSR, there were good examples and bad examples, including those who simply did not understand the concept of a BATTLE SHOOTING range - when the target popped up, they would leisurely aim from the standing position, fire a shot and then carry on. My footage showed good reaction to enemy fire, i dashed, i downed, crawled into cover etc, and then again in reverse when moving on. Useful for a classroom demo?
IMO, if a helmet cam is used, it should be with the conditions that any film is technically property of the army and is not to be placed on Social Media or used elsewhere without specific permission from SNCO or officer.
Most ranges have a line in the orders denoting 'No unauthorised filming or photography.' Where it is requied i.e for training development, a service helmet camera is issued.
And use of personal ones is banned in theatre too, with the AMOC having several service ones for when they may be required.
Far too many knobheads taking piccies standing in front of EDL flags in theatre as it is! Imagine the fuss if the SS had head cams?


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And use of personal ones is banned in theatre too, with the AMOC having several service ones for when they may be required.
Genuine question - when might a helmet cam be required on ops? Other than just in case something happens?
A cam attached to the sight that takes a pic when trigger is pulled MIGHT be useful, although not sure how I would feel about that personally.

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Useful in arrest ops? OLAARs of contacts?
And disclosable to every ambulance-chasing lawyer who has a client who was "tweated a bit woughly by those nasty, nasty men."

I'd hate to be explaining in court that the reason there wasn't footage of the moment their clients tripped was because the camera-squaddie was doing their job and covering arcs, rather than, as is suggested by the claimants' very wealthy lawyers, a conspiracy to look the other way whike the rest of the patrol illegally kicked the shit out of them.

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I thought it would have been more like 'he was like that when we found him, see, here's the footage'. We don't rough up detainees anymore, so nothing to worry about in regards to that.

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