Helmet camera's in thearter

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by anglian-sam, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. Just a quick one are helmet cams still allowed to be deployed to theater ? If not why not ?

    wouldnt they help in investigations that the mod have to follow ???

    thanks again Anglian.
  2. Todger on speed no probs... but how are you going to protect your todger?
  3. nice one , i didnt look at it from that angle and thats not a euphemism .

    but on a seriouse note are they allowed to be deployed in theater ! and not the theater like vicky theater in london .

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  4. But are camera's allowed on ops still ???
  5. I've not heard of any bans on cameras in theatre. Not sure how useful they actually are in investigations though. Good for patrol reports etc, and when you think about it, it is strange we haven't got some camera equipped chappies for evidence gathering or even just 'look sees'.


    Lots of cyclists wear them when cycling now, for 'evidence' gathering for nob drivers.
  6. Unofficially, Oz troops are using them, exactly as you said CF, for evidence. Seems, once in theatre we're the whipping boys.
  7. You mean like the SIB who get issued them?

    Cyclists in Afghan?
    That should help catch those suicide bombers that drive like Knobs!
  8. Do they? I'll be honest, last time i was out there, I can't recall ever meeting an SIB chappy.
  9. The Sect who have just deployed all had them on PDT.
    Not entirely sure they had all read the instructions though!
  10. By all accounts, aye.

    My (former) battalion is out there now and there are the usual photo's being taken
  11. They are frowned upon for operational reasons, to obvious to quote on here, as I cant be bothered, however all the filming you do on it automatically becomes property of the MoD.

    Yes SIB, do get them, as for seeing SIB in theatre, either you have all been very good, or they are not there.

    Right back to the Rugger,
  12. Cameras aren't a problem.
    Think you just have to be a bit more aware of what you are posting on the internet.

    As they say on all those snazzy posters, don't put your life online.

    See what they did there?
  13. Connacht Ulster?
  14. Crown Copyright only I thought?

    Or more realistically no one in your location has died and they haven't needed to carry out an investigation for the Coroner.
  15. As said, we all know why no happy snaps to reach home, even for the 'me' album unless 'unofficial'. "He can hear you" and all that stuff.