helmet cam

What do you need it for?


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The best cam to use on your helmet is whatever matches your surroundings at the time.


bdfl1975 said:
Ive been looking at helmet cams for a while but as there are loads out there. Could anybody give me any advice on them

Look at "the gadget show" website, they reviewed some not long back.


bdfl1975 said:
REgards said:
Dragstrip said:
What do you need it for?

Make videos for uploading to youtube probably

Wouldn't waist my time putting stuff on there, planning on doing my own diary that i can look back on in years to come.

Number 1) Learn how to spell before coming on here
Number 2) I'm not entirely sure how up loading vids on YouTube is 'waisting' anyones time, but it's your opinion so I'm not going to argue.
Number 3) You are an annoying little walt, so go away.


I may be talking through my hoop here but you may have to get a fairly large memory card for it. I can remember a colleague that decided to record a CFT of ours on his head cam and only recorded 2-3 minutes with an 8gb sd card unless he was recording in high quality. I could be mistaken though!
film cft on helmet cam get a wii fit whole new torture device for pti's :twisted:
why cant people just answer the question instead of picking people up on spelling and guessing that they might be filming thier airsoft exploits?

if you are after cameras that will fit to your issued lid then there is a website in the back of soldier mag, if i find the link ill stick it on here.

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