Helmet Cam from Afganistan

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by emptyeye, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. Couple of good links, turn your sound up

    [video width=250 height=200]mms://a524.v266746.c26674.g.vm.akamaistream.net/5/524/26674/454d2a9b/1a1a1a9b086f9d0162cb37b01d7ee75381e45381f66190066fd338a7d644b3295b8bbbf1/Video2.wmv[/video]


    [video width=250 height=200]mms://a1247.v266748.c26674.g.vm.akamaistream.net/5/1247/26674/454cf62e/1a1a1a9b086f9d0162cb37b01d7ee75381e45381f66190066fd338a7/Video1.wmv[/video]
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Video 1: some dust

    Video 2: a tree
  3. all this 'head-cam' war footage stuff is very good, but...........
    I'm just wondering how long untill someone gets hurt, because his mate was too busy pi*sing around with the focus on his toy instead of watching his arc of responsibility.

    I can see how 'head-cams' and 'gun-cams' could help with training, de-briefs and int gathering, they will be standerd issue in some time I guess.

    whats the 'official' MOD word on the use of personal recording equipment on ops?
  4. Doesn't this kind of thing threaten to give away useful information to potential enemies? (Not neccesarily these films but the practice in general).
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Video 2. Good drills from the lads and as per norm SA80A2 goes into stoppage mode just at the wrong time. I count at least four stopages as they go into the cellar.

    I had a look on the web and found the story on the MOS web site the comments from the civvies is very positive.

    MOS website
  6. Post deleted by mod.

    Grow up. Please stop being another embarrasment from the north-east, we've one already.
  7. MSR made a comment which was belittling the efforts of 3 Para BG, it was inappropriate.

    I suggest you do some growing up and stop pandering to some jumped up twat from the TA.
  8. No pandering to anyone. Your post was offensive and hence was deleted, and not for the first time. If you want to berate someone, feel free, just construct it differently.

    As for belittling 3 Para? I, for one, cannot see where.

    For the hard of understanding, which it appears you clearly are, if you have nothing constructive to say don't post on this forum. Clear enough?
  9. Good videos, if for no other reason than to get a close up view of how it really is, and how commands are really given. It's quite reassuring to see that our training is not that different.
  10. What did you expect, Vin Diesel, car chases and bags of pyro? Its Helmland, not Hollywood.
  11. So if I find msr's post offensive will you delete that as well :?:

    Is referring to the content of the vids as 'a tree' and 'some dust' offensive to the blokes who took part in the operation. IMHO I would suggest it is, I wasn't there, neither was msr.........and I will go out on a limb and suggest neither were you DM. May be you should be 'moderating' msr's post aswell as GB's

    If the comments were a reference to the quality of the footage thats something else. However, msr did not say this, his comments were left to be interpreted by the reader.
  12. You are quite correct, I was not there. What was deleted was the personally offensive nature of the content, nor was this the first time from that particular poster.

    If you want to see how to berate / take issue then see how sandmanfez has done it. Exactly the same sentiment although expressed in a way which did not sink to childish insults.

    Frankly what MSR posted was crass, and no doubt he can expect some incoming. Moreover, there were considerably more than 3 PARA out there doing a mighty difficult job in phenominally dangerous circumstances, including rather a lot of my own cap-badge. Did this make me throw toys out of the pram and get personal? No. Neither did I delete MSR's post out of hand in case it may offend. What I will not tolerate however is the way in which this was done by GB. You want to have hand-bags about something, then take it to the NAAFI.

    Bottom line, this is not a democracy, nor is it a PC environment. Equally, it is not a play-pen or the ARRSEhole.

    But, if you have significant issues with the way in which the forum is moderated, then please feel free to get in touch with either of the COs.
  13. OK, so this is your toy, you get to decide what stays and what goes. I've no beef with that.

    However, it appears OK for one poster to offer what some might see as an offensive comment without any moderation. Someone takes offence at this and posts and in you step. No probs with this, but why not amend the original post to remove the provocation?
  14. phew that a relief from the title of this thread it looked like the troops had to use camcream on their well... you know... little fellers. :roll:
  15. I thought it was gluing sand paper to their tin bins. :oops: