Helmet attachment to webbing

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by balloonknot, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. How do you attach your helmet :roll: to your webbing without it, moving about loads when you move? And so it be easily attachable/detachable with one hand and finally look ally as fook


    Sorry for all the gay posts, just having a bit of a kit shake up before exercise
  2. I use the following-
    Grenade pull ring or similar on the left or right of the helmet where the side straps attach. I then cable tied a small spring clip from an old 58 pattern bum roll to the yoke of the webbing.
    It keep the helmet high up and if you use the side of the helmet rather than the rear it reduces swinging.....
  3. Those plasticuff things mate. Simple as.
  4. No WAH

    762baynet is correct i use a similiar set up - it saves the helmet flopping around like a hanging basket AND thumping into yer nuts when marching!!!

    It also saves one of your mates using it as an impromptu ashtray etc when you're not looking :D

    Never thought of that one Stokey - hmmmm - every day's a school day.
  5. karabiner for helmet, ear muffs

    high speed, but it will move round a bit, it will go onto the loop on the bottom of the ammo pouch

    you can get cheap ones that aren't for climbing
  6. yeah i use a small spring clip carabiner the ones you find usually in an old sweet jar on the counter of outdoor activity shops about a quid each, i force it through the rectangular metal loop at back of hemet that the straps pass through, and i clip it to a metal loop on left chest on assault vest, or suppose anywhere , around front part of yoke straps near ammo pouches , works a treat for me
  7. I have '58 spring clips on the diagonal straps on the yoke (on either side, so I can choose which side my helmet sits on) and a split ring through the metal loop on the back of the helmet. There is nothing you can do to stop it bouncing around when you move, but at least it is secure and the chinstrap won't pull loose.
  8. Exactly what I do, and some of the sprogs seem to be copying me.

    Most of the Gwins seem happy with the 'chin-strap through the belt looking like red-riding hood on her way to Granny's house with a fcuking shopping basket' effect.
  9. Get a complete quick release buckle (both parts e.g. similar to the bergen buckle or the pointless piece of crap found on the back of CBA), a small length of utility strap (enough to make a short loop) threaded through the female part of the buckle, pierce utility strap thus making small hole, unscrew the rear chinstrap anchor point (Mk6a), place utility strap loop (with female part of buckle) between helmet and anchor point, push the bolt through and re-tighten (is a bit fiddly but will go), find a suitable location on your CEFO a for the male part of the buckle and Bobs your mothers brother.
  10. I have a vision of someone sneaking up and clipping the back of your helmet to the top of your bergan - while you're wearing both! :D
  11. I use a '58 spring clip on the diagonal straps on the yoke (either side, so I can choose which side my helmet goes) and a split ring through the metal loop on the back of the helmet. There is nothing you can do to stop it bouncing around when you move, but at least it is secure and the chinstrap won't pull loose. If you fit it to the right side and you have the proper ammo pouches, the helmet will normaly push onto them to prevent it from moving much!!
  12. Hmmmm.....

    A lot of faffing about on the webbing attachment problem.

    Saw a lad get bollkd for hanging it off the muzzle flash of his SA80 - made my day watching that!!

    Has anyone tried carrying it.....

    On their head???

    Just a thought :D
  13. I put the male fitting from a PLCE quick release buckle on the helmet strap at teh nape of the neck. That way it clipped to the male fitting on the ammo pouches and my webbing bungee could be stretched round to keep it in place. Worked well enough to hold it steady during speed marches, at first it occasionally stuck into the back of my neck when prone but I sorted that by turning it round so it naturally stuck out the way.
  14. Fire some 'Harry monk' onto the combat helmet rim (fnar, fnar), then place it onto the webbing and leave it over night to set. Hey presto, it's now attached.

    I wouldn't use the plastic PLCE clips though, they are not up to the job, not squaddie proof. I would recommend the previous stated 58Patt webbing clip with Grenade pull ring on the helmet.