Helmand will be Browns final insult to the Armed Forces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shagnasty, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. Trust cyclops to make them go the long way round!
  2. Canadians currently run Kandahar:

  3. It is not often that I will promote my own post but this is a serious post that affects all of you...................serving soldiers. Read it! Forget all the other posts re: election this election that, this post affects all of you.
  4. Serious post.

    My personal opinion is that the UK (unilaterally) should extract itself from Afghanistan at the very earliest opportunity. But, realistically, leaving along with the Canadians and Dutch would make sense.

    However, were the decision made to stay, as it will inevitably be, it makes sense militarily and politically for the UK to leave Helmand to the US and replace the Canadians and Dutch in Kandahar/Uruzgun and run our own 2-star mission (RCS(E)?) alongside the US under overall ISAF/NATO 3-star command.

    Con Coughlin has not called this one very well and is simply trying to score a few anti-Cyclops points.
  5. The much leaked upcoming Kandahar operation,
    is akin from jumping from the frying into the fire.
    The nuances of this 'redeployment' will be largely lost on the electorate, if noticed at all.
    Evidently it is the sceptics view that we are unable to fully man the Helmand bases effectively with our present troop strengths.
    Reading Col. Tootal's book, it is enlightening how mission creep overcame all the initial military objectives
    ending up supporting a v dodgy Afghan Governor, who was unwilling to meet any of his own promises to fight.
    I would be interested in General Dannatt's take as well as Colonel Tootal's on this as they will have a better idea of what we should be preparing for.
    Kandahar has the potential of becoming an unwinable meat grinder, considering the paucity of troops & rotary wing assets and the Talban's opening gambits.
    It may indeed hasten our departure as it becomes clearer to all, the wastrals within the Afghan government
    & Karzais kin in Kandahar are some of the very worst.
  6. It's sod all to do with Brown, it's a US-led strategy.
  7. I think someone posted this a few days ago, siuggesting that the story may be rather more complex than the 'Brown cuts and runs' portrait Con Coughlan wishes to present.
  8. If we are moving to the next region does that mean the UK will be deploying Challenger 2 as the canadians deployed their Leo 2's?
  9. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    My experience of the US military is that the reommendation they are making (for Brit redeployment) will have been based on a critical, apolitical, impartial assessment of what makes military sense seen through the lens of a NATO command structure which (like it or not) treats allied troops as though they were American (Rome was the same with the legions it recruited in its own Empire)

    Personally, I'd rather have Brit troops deployed where it makes the most military sense, than where it suits Broon for reasons of domestic politics.

    All that is by-the-by, though.

    Gotta ask "In 3 TV debates - how much effort did any party leader devote to AFG?"

    Gotta look at Cameron's statememt (today?) about withdrawal "but not to a fixed timetable"

    Red/Blue/Yellow tie - makes no odds

    None of them are prepared to cope with the costs that success demands.

    They all want Brit troops out

    So why don't they just feckin' say so - and get on with it?

    Parliament has already concluded the "Special Relationship" is dead, FFS . . .

    If you're not prepared to do it properly, WHY FECKIN' DO IT AT ALL?
  10. One would have thought,that,given the lessons of history in that place,vis-a-vis the British Army,and others,we should have had more sense than to get involved in first place. Perhaps it is time to "retreat in another direction",and leave that area to the stoneage dizeans who seem to prefare their way of life as opposed to the U.S. idea of how life should be.I make no appoligies for saying that they are not worth the life of one British Squaddie! The only one one to have quitened that place was Gengkis Khan,and by any other name it was called Genocide.We are much more "ENLIGHTENED" in the 21st century,therefore we are going to lose. It's time to think the unthinkable. I know of no good reason why our troops should not be pulled out,and the Americans left to sort out the mess they creatated when they supplied the forerunners of the Taliban with arms etc.,to fight the U.S.S.R.
  11. All wars are expensive, peace time costs go out the window come the first shot.
    Tone Dear Tone committed UK to five wars but thought that they would be short as was Maggei's war.
    Brown well he just never wanted to pay for any. He does not like HM Forces, or I believe the UK we all stood for.
    He has blown money on Non Jobs, expanding the administration of Hospitals, not the Dr, Nursing side.
    I do consider him mentally disturbed, especially having seen his exposure over this election when he has been thrust to the forefront.
    Lord help Poor Tom on the front line for Nue Labour will not be much use.
  12. Isn't this old news? The Economist ran an article about a month ago saying exactly the same thing.
    Sadly the Pentagon does not rate the Brit effort too highly - many scathing comments about 'Helmandshire' bandied around with a USMC General boasting they (the USMC) will change 'Helmandshire' into 'Marineistan'.
    The USMC chain of command stated emphatically they did not want the Brits in their AOR - so it's off to Kandahar - to plug the gap left by the departing Canadians and Dutch. I would imagine, as more US units pour into the country, the Brits will start pulling out too. I rather think the US Joint Chiefs are planning for that eventuality. One hopes they'll have enough assets left to take care of the new A-Q HQ in the Yemen as things gain momentum there - given that their planned drawdown in Iraq has ground to a trickle in light of the ongoing election debacle (the Iraqi one not the USs).
  13. There have been various media reports on this over the last few weeks, including one saying it's being proposed by the (Brit) D/Comd ISAF and (Brit) Comd MR South and is what Mccrystal wants. Dannatt has also been quoted as saying it makes military sense.

    Another report quoted a senior officer as saying UK wanted to go into Kandahar originally because it was far more important than Helmand, but for unclear reasons the Canadians got the ticket.

    It makes sense for the USMC to take over all of Helmand as their AO because it aligns their command with the Afghan administation. One report has referred to a new MR (SW) including the province to the west of Helmand which seems to be a somewhat unknown quantity.

    The downside with Kandahar is that the governor is Karzai's brother and corrupt as all buggery even by Afghan standards.

    The other point is Oruzgun, currently run by the Dutch who are withdrawing soon, with a force of Australians, and the Aust govt has declined to take over responsibility for the province, so whoever takes on a new MR (SE) will have Kandahar, Oruzgun and the province to the immediate North. The US has reportedly told Aust that they will replace the Dutch, whether this is to be a permanent arrangement is unclear.