Helmand Task Force

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Goatman, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Apologies if there is a more appropriate thread.

    With a lot of people gearing up for a trip to the 'Stan, I thought it was worth drawing attention to Tim Ripley's excellent article in the 10 May edn of ' Jane's Defence Weekly'

    Unfortunately, as a non-subscriber I cannot replicate in full here but this is an extract:

    Best of luck to 3 Para and all involved - chin up, heads down guys and gals.....

    Le Chevre
  2. Plural of Ethos.

    Sorry, it's the teacher in me.
  3. Not, obviously, the Greek teacher... :D

    'êthos' is not a second declension noun, which would have the plural 'êthoi.' Instead, it's a contracted third declension noun, with plural 'êthê' or 'êthea.' :!:

    Regardless of that, best of luck to everyone out in Helmand and the rest of Afghanistan - do us proud.

  4. What I've heard is that the guys & gals are already piling up the POWs.

    I also read an article somewhere the other day (apologies, no link, but it was something like Asia Times Online) that the Taliban reckon they have 40,000 fighters waiting in north and south Waziristan. Ok, they've been known to enjoy a bit of exageration in the past... still a bit worrying though.
  5. Years ago, before I found this board I was arguing that Britian needed to get out of Ganistan as soon as possible.
    The locals live to fight, they don't care who they fight,they where fighting Alexander and everone who has since passed through.
    Brits back, Oh Goody Goody. Now what was the score last time they visited in Great Great Grandads time.
  6. See your point John, but things are diffrent now. Granted, its still a fcuking dangerous place to be . But we are more wiser & better trained & equipped now. IMHO the screw may now be turning on Afghanistan. Only time will tell, but I,m 100% confident in the guys out there. And so should you be.....

  7. LT, please do not doubt my trust and faith in TOM. He is good, a product of the best SMALL army in the world.
    However the locals don't give a Poo on the moral grounds why TOM is there, The opium they work hard to produce is not their conncern when sold on to Infadels, TOM is just another invader and killing this infadel will ensure 'PARADISE' complete with the selfrenewing 70 virgins.
    Infadel (However you spell it) is not a nice polite term for the unbeliver.
  8. IMHO , the quicker we "agent orange" these opium fields inconjunction with life sentances for dealers in our own FRONTLINE in Blighty the better. These fcukers are taking advantage of the less educated & even well educated young minds of our country. Smashing the Easts grip on the drug trade is the key as far as I,m concerened. We saw it all in NI when the IRA controlled hash & anthetamine supply in the province. Theres money in drugs & these fcukers know it. Thats where we,ll hit em.... Along with some more substantial ordanance of course.. jonwilly.... I CAN see a diffrent outcome this time..