Helmand Hornets International sevens tag Rugby

Discussion in 'REME' started by Bag4life, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. International sevens Tag Rugby kicks off in Afghanistan


    One of our senior REME Recy mechs in Bastion asked me to ask all you rugby/H4H fans to push this to the limit, yes I have posted it in the sports section as well, this is what I was asked to do from our guys on duty out there and I ask if you can flood your friends in boxes too,
    can you please mention the Helmand Hornets tops that we are selling. They are shifting like hotcakes as they are such good tops.

    Please note that the Helmand Hornets rugby tops featured in the report are for sale through

    benbourne @ kingdomsports.co.uk

    they are for sale at £10 each, £2 of which goes to Help for Heroes. He also has Helmand Hornets KooGa rugby tops for sale at £30. Please pass this on to as many people as possible as it is for a good cause. Child sizes are avail too,

    I think the t-shirts are a gold mine if by how many I have sold out here is to go by. I sold 150 in an afternoon just walking around our works compound!

    I can see half of the people at the Army-Navy match next year wearing tops for the Helmand Hornets!

  2. mate, that link goes to the home page and, unless im being a mong, which is more than possible, i cant find the helmand hornets rugby shirts.
  3. We must both be mongs because I can't find them either.
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    nope me nether
  5. Not just me then? Shame I'm on the look out for a new rugby top that is a bit different.

    Is that GT on the interview?
  7. Nice shirts,hope they sell. Couldn't work out how to buy one though.
    Not wanting to be a party pooper, this is not the first International sevens or touch rugby in Afghanistan. We had a comp in KAF on boxing day with Brits, Aussies, Canadians, French and the RAF.
    There was also a comp up country, but only for Brits i think.

    Is any of the money going to the Army Ben fund? i ask as everyone seems to be forgetting it and they do an awful lot of good work for us and the families.
  8. *Bump*

    Got my top today. Gleaming. Good quality and recommended.