Helmand Clasp for OSM

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by plant_life, Nov 1, 2008.

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  1. Can anybody confirm or deny if a Helmand clasp is being issued? Thanks for responces in advance.
  2. I'm 99% sure it was a 'NO' on the clasp mate.
  3. I'm 100% sure its a "no"
  4. Something else the CGS got told to wind his neck in on then?
  5. Yep, by VCDS.
  6. You'd have had to get out of your cab at least once to earn it anyway! :lol:
  7. Do one sheep teeth, I didn't see many knockers getting the CGC last year! You haven't even got any orange poles to put in here, what the fcuk do you lot do for 6 months?
  8. someone has got to make the shitters plantlife
  9. Well, personally, nowadays I just sail around the place getting drunk and sleeping with rent boys but I've done my time on the orange poles. :wink:
  10. You get to hand them out rather than putting then in the ground?
  11. Did I fcuk, they wouldn't have trusted me to hand out range stew, let along mine-warfare equiptment! :wink:
  12. Which also doubles up as awesome babooning equipment!