Helly Hansen Lifa shirts

Right, after long fruitless searches for a tan/desert colour lifa top ive almost given up hope of ever finding out if they have ever been made.
You lads/lasses are my last hope.

Can anyone give me any info on where they are available, if available.

Ive tried rv ops/hh website/silvermans an a few other sites but if anyone has any other ideas then fire em through.

What's wrong with the issued t-shirt?
Cheers guys, just gonna order a few lifas now, maybe one of those under armour shirts aswell.

Credit card standby standby!

Sorry MSR there is nothing wrong with the issue shirts, its just that Chris Ryan (or rather the actor portraying the lying bastard) in the BBC film 'Bravo Two Zero' said "... image is very important when dealing with the raggies andy."

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