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It is completely staged and over hyped. Ramsay has made good business out of it and is now kicking the arse out of the original Marco Pierre White "White Heat" / "White Slave" screaming chef at Harvey's in the 90's.

Ramsay, whilst exceptioanlly talented as a chef has forgetten that he is a cook first and a celeb second. If he wants it the other way round, he should do what MPW did and hand back his stars.

I once respected Ramsay for the huge talent and business acumen he possesses - he has ruined that by over commercialising his product (i.e. him in swearing mode) so it is tired and he soon flounder.

This is being manifested in the fact that he has lost some of his star chefs (Mark Sargeant being one) and has the likes of proteges such as Jason Atherton wanting to break away from GRH.
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