Hellrunner 2008!

Copied from Charities & Welfare:

Ladies and Gentleman of the athletic variety I need some input from you!

With the dazzling success of the London 10k, I have been thinking about another possible 'fun run' type thing to do, and have come up with.......*drumroll please*.................. Hellrunner!

I am aiming to do the Northern Hellrunner (Hell Up North) in April next year.

For those who have never heard of it, it's a very wet, muddy, boggy run round t'country :-D

There are some bogs, some 'hills' and some very good fun to be had! It's got fab reviews on runnersworld, plus I believe you get a wee goody bag for afters.

It would be fab to have a good arrse turnout again! Would anyone else be up for this?

That looks bloody brilliant! :D

If I'm free then I'll definately be there.

Just noticed that they do a Hellrunner down South in November, will have to tackle that first.
Yep noticed that one too, but I'm away that weekend :-(

I thought April would give plenty of time to organise people etc
Mud!? :D

Absolutely up my, err, alley :lol: :oops: I'd definitely be up for either, the Hants one being my preference but possibly too close to press-gang another ARRSE team in time.

After our successful 10k I've been asked by several about organizing an ARRSE/Combat Stress event for t'autumn, which I've been looking into (10k road events) but thought something more exciting might entice more into the fray. My enthusiastic attempts at recruiting for 'Tough Guy' were met with expletives :( ..... so this may well be the perfect middle ground :D

Flowers, I'll get arm-twisting with the usual suspects and see what sort of response I get. Were you thinking Combat Stress....? An ARRSE team could still operate with multiple charity support, unity would be nice though.
I did that Grim a couple of years ago, its run around Long Valley, bit disapointing to be honest, they say there's going to be all sorts of nastiness en route but there was one cam net! It was just like a normal training run for me apart from the 12 stitches I got in my leg pulling a bloke from under water when he went arrse over! I don't think its worth the entry fee of about £20.
.Dolly - I would love to do Tough Guy!!!!!!!! PM me! I've tried asking some other peeps about that but all I got in return was "Are you quite mad?!" :-D

Combat Stress would be fab, or SSAFA, any of them associated with this site to be honest.


I can vouch for this particular bad boy - absolutely brilliant! I've done a couple of these (one with a hideous hangover - not clever and not recommended!) and they are excellent fun but hard work nonetheless. Lots (really lots) of mud and the Hills of Hell are an absolute killer but if you've done the spiders in Rushmoor it may not be too much of a surprise! You get the usual suspects at the front who bang around it in no time at all but the rest of are just there for a laugh. Next one is at Longmoor on Nov 4th which me and a few muckers are running, be good to see a few fellow ARRSEers there!
Put me down as a provisional. This year will be difficult due to other commitments, but im confident that I can get the training in, its just getting to the actual event!

Either way, ill liase with Flowers :D

Id be interested in doing the run and think a few pals would be interested also. Although, I'll have a better idea of how many in a week or so.

Is it 'optional' to run? Ive just spoken to a mate who is interested but to quote him " The only running I'd be interested in doing these days is if it's from the fcuking police" :D :D

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