Hellrunner 2008!

Ladies and Gentleman of the athletic variety I need some input from you!

With the dazzling success of the London 10k, I have been thinking about another possible 'fun run' type thing to do, and have come up with.......*drumroll please*.................. Hellrunner!

I am aiming to do the Northern Hellrunner (Hell Up North) in April next year.

For those who have never heard of it, it's a very wet, muddy, boggy run round t'country :-D

There are some bogs, some 'hills' and some very good fun to be had! It's got fab reviews on runnersworld, plus I believe you get a wee goody bag for afters.

It would be fab to have a good arrse turnout again! Would anyone else be up for this?

I'll go if entrant number 614 is there to "sort me out" after the run ;)
Big red... It was while since you posted your query, Nevertheless The latest is that Hellrunner will be made into a series, with probably a few more races due to the fact it's getting more popular. Hopefully with one still in Delamere Forest (Northern hellrunner).

I did last April's Northern run and it was a top day. Although the weather was warm the bogs were still v wet and there was lots of mud elsewhere (fell / Trail shoes recommended).

Some of the old school fell runners say it's to commercial... "What ever". It's a great couple of hours running based on continental races (rather than uk fell running were 20 year old ron hills, beard and real ale are obligatory). It's a Really well run event. But bear in mind (As you are aware I think... There are no PB's to be had here.

I enjoyed it that much I did the Davos Alpine Marathon to see how the continentals do it. Hellrunner is on a par.

Any old how... Just keep an eye out for full details early next year

See you there!!!!

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