Afternoon all, just thought Id say hello to the boards before I get into my interview and then hopefully into Sigs after basic.

Im not your normal recruit, I'm 25 going in for a techie position after high BARB score. It has taken me 9 months of applying to get to this stage, and still haven't had an interview, but I said 'If they want me to jump through hoops, ill do a triple salko through them and ask whats next'.

My application has now been referred to Glasgow for acceptance, and I expect to hear back in 'another' month or so. What should I expect next? Apart from more delays ^^
We are fully staffed didn't you know - so why the hell should they hurry to get you in? (however OAR boys should note how long this guys have been trying - as you seem to be letting them in far too early lasted I heard was it was taking a year do get it right!!)

As for what to look forward too well a lifetime of hurry up and wait of course!

Seriously if you like to travel, have a sense of humour and are truly committed then you must be mad go get yourself a real job in the City you mad fool! (of course I am joking)

Good luck mate hope all goes well and hang on in there

go get yourself a real job in the City you mad fool!
Meh, and be with a bunch a pink shirt wearing, backstabbing, pretentious ctuns, I think i'll be with the boys and have a laugh thanks :D

I've come from Uni, but have a little skeleton so Im not going for officer status. At the same time, do these applications really take this long normally? I was kind of given a 3 months till given a date scenario and this is taking ages. At the same time its good as I am still getting back on my feet, trained hard for 6 years, and let it go over the last 2, but I'm not too far away from peak...
Where are you applying from? I started my application about 3 weeks ago, I had my interview, got a date for selection(7th may) and hope to join the Sigs as a tech in July. So from the start of my application to arriving at Lichfield for basic it will have taken me about four to five months, and most of that is just waiting for the next space in basic. I didn't have to get medical docs from the Doctor/Optician because I had already had them from OTC, this obviously saved time. Another thing that has helped my quick application is I always got everything squared away as soon as it was given to me. Bad admin would slow things down.
Out of Cardiff, apparently someone looked at my file and the code on there made them think I was ex-army. It was 'previous', not previous service, so i fully expect a delay.

At first I was refused an application form as they didnt have my codes (conviction), so the courts took 2 months to get them. Then they wanted GSCE results, when i thought a-levels/uni would have sufficed, but that took another 3 weeks to get them copied and sent over (yayaya I didn't think I'd be needing my GSCEs ever again >_<). Next delay was job selection as they hadn't raised my job list and that took them a few weeks. They gave me my choices (5 freakin pages of them, and all I wanted was Sigs job) and then I returned my 3 choices.

Now I'm waiting for 'a General' in Glasgow to give me a tick or a cross as my app has been referred to them. They were going to give me my Med Cert release form last time, but the recruiter couldn't give me the form, as he didn't know why it wasn't given to me last time..... which was a shocking excuse tbh.

I know I have almost asked for the delays due to what happened to me previously, but I just want to get past basic and specialise asap
Now I see your hold up. Generals are very busy men and with so few of them you will be waiting for a while for one to look at a recruits application. And with five pages of jobs to choose from, I too had all the jobs on my list and they amounted to just over two pages, they must have printed my list really small. :D
Yea, mine was in font 42 :wink:

Either way I know I'll get there in the end, its just a bit harder organising your life around an elastic timetable which keeps stretching. Might have been a tad easier if I had done this at 18 or 21 :roll:

Thanks for the replies, I'm sure ill show my face around here more and more before basic /golfclap
SideSwipe - I'm sorry to hear that.

Have you tried your local TA unit? They may be willing to give you a look around the Army way of life although if you've a three year deferral (not sure what the previous is, and not asking!) you may have trouble getting in there also.
Lexx_valentine said:
When you do get in, make sure you can take a lot of banter.. it's sorta what we do in the army! You techie c*nt!
By the time I get in, I'll be one of the oldest cnuts in there, so I'll deal with it ^^

I was told my application was sent to 'a General' in Glasgow. I have just been told that that General forwarded my app to 'a Colonel' and he said a straight no.

Not wanting to go around the Colonel, is there any way of appeal to get the General to recheck my application and give a slightly more individual approach rather than just looking at the paper?

Damn this bites :evil:
Well if your application has been declined by a General then you will have to notch it up a step, send it to Sir Richard Dannett, if theres no joy try the queen :eek:

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