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  1. Hi there,
    I have passed the barb test and handed in my medical forms.
    ive had my jobs interview etc,
    and i have an interview a week today and then on the 21st i have a personal development day,
    im told its not compulsary but i am going to do it.

    and then providing the doc is happy and selection goes well i will go ahead for basic for wich i am told will most likely be pirbright.

    the trade i want to go for is RLC Driver phase 2 training is Leconsfeild right?

    so yeah im getting geard up i am training as hard as i can to be readdy for it,
    anyone got any advice they could give me that the AICO wont give me?


  2. Don't use your real name on here.

    Bet they didn't tell you that :wink:
  3. Was asking him not you!
  4. I've heard that you say that alot :wink:
  5. thanks for the replies guys,
    andylamb isnt my real name if it was i would have changed it years ago :p

    and thanks mr deputy,
    i dont drive at the moment but ive always wanted to do it,
    i went to college for 3 years driving agricultural machinary,
    obviously alot diffrent but reversing a large tractor with a very large trailor on the back is a peice of cake for me,
    obviously things like the oshkosh are slightly bigger :p
    but we all have to learn somewhere.

    as for my sense of humour well i looked at grumbleweeds jokes and laughed so i think i can handle being called "kerby".
    Anon ;)